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A frontal Santa Lucia disturbance brings rain, wind, and snow;  Meteorologist Sano speaks

A frontal Santa Lucia disturbance brings rain, wind, and snow; Meteorologist Sano speaks

Weather: Frontal disturbance over Santa Lucia brings rain, wind and snow; Meteorologist Sano speaks

The weather is set to deteriorate again with a disturbance on St Lucia Day. We asked Antonio SanoFounder of the site What will happen in the next few days?
After a few days, the weather will change again due to the arrival of disturbances, with high pressure giving a certain stability to the atmosphere, with a sky often cloudy or cloudy and foggy in the north.

Can we go into more detail?
As early as Tuesday evening, the disturbance will start moving north from Saint Lucia. A disturbed front linked to an active cyclone in the British Isles will be pushed by the Libezio winds, then the Mistral and arctic winds (Gragale and Bora) will abandon Italy with a burst.

Where does it rain and snow?
Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Saint Lucia’s Day, mostly moderate rain, crossing northern areas and northern Tuscany, then reaching Umbria. On Thursday, with the Mistral, the Adriatic regions, Lower Tuscany, Lazio and the south will experience thunderstorms. Temperatures begin to drop at altitude, so snow falls above 1400m in the Apennines, but the altitude decreases rapidly. The weather will have already improved once the sun returns to the north, with Tramontana winds picking up on Friday, then Gragale and Bora entering. There won’t be much precipitation, but snow at hilly heights is expected in Abruzzo, Molise and the southern mountains.Disturbance of the front of Santa Lucia

Disturbance of the front of Santa Lucia

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We understand that it will be colder and will improve over the weekend, is this correct?
Yes, a really messy front will leave Italy over the weekend, but cold northeasterly winds will intensify and cause a sharp drop in day and night temperatures. Frosts will return in the north and center even if the sun shines.

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