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He was attacked by a lion and injured in his neck and leg

He was attacked by a lion and injured in his neck and leg

Sarbo – Tragedy struck during a circus performance in Sarbo territory. A tiger attacked the tamer, biting his organ and wounding him: a 31-year-old man from the “Amedeo Orfei” family was taken to the hospital with deep injuries. Evening episode at the marquee set up in the square opposite the “Mongolfiera” shopping center.

An event attended by families and children that started around 7.30pm turned sour within seconds. The animal – according to the first, fragmentary reconstructions – would have bitten the calf of the trainer behind it at the time. A small fight ensued between the two, in which the large mammal pounced on the trainer, causing three bites to his neck and other injuries across his entire left calf.

Amidst the screams and shock of the onlookers, someone would have thrown a table in the direction of the tiger to separate it from its victim. Cutting a temporary space to allow the victim to escape. Help was immediately given by circus colleagues, then by the operators of 118, who came immediately after fearing the worst.

The doctor and nurses found deep wounds and after initial treatment took the man to the “Veto Fazzi” hospital in Lex under red code. The injuries are not serious enough to cause concern: the 31-year-old is conscious and not life-threatening. The carabinieri of Lecce intervened at the scene of the incident for findings and subsequent investigations. The program was stopped immediately and the animal was secured.