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“They can attack critical institutions.”  The US is alarmed by China’s turnaround

“They can attack critical institutions.” The US is alarmed by China’s turnaround

From energy and water supply services to communication and transport networks. The Chinese Armed Forces They need to strengthen their skills to intervene infrastructure Important America. Through these intrusions ChineseIncreasingly effective, it will be part of an effort aimed at creating panic and compromising Washington’s logistics. Conflict between two superpowers in the Pacific. The alert was raised by anonymous U.S. security officials cited by the newspaper The Washington Post.

US warns of Chinese hacker attacks

Specifically, the lengthy article refers to hackers affiliated with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In the past year alone, about twenty computer systems have been hacked.Important items“A US company will be among the targets of recent Chinese cyberattacks Water services In Hawaii, a niche Porto and at least one on the west coast of the United States pipe It is a pipeAccording to the report of “informed sources” of the American newspaper.

Chinese hackers also tried to penetrate the electricity grid operator’s computer systems Texas, which operates independently of the electricity systems in the rest of the country. They would also have affected many companies outside the US, including power companies. However, U.S. officials indicated that none of the intrusions would have affected, nor caused disruptions to, pumps, pistons or industrial control systems that operate other critical functions.

Beijing’s moves

The incidents cited are part of a cyber campaign Volt Typhoon, It was first detected by the US government a year ago. “It is very clear that Chinese efforts to compromise complex infrastructure were undertaken in part to disrupt or destroy that same infrastructure in the event of a conflict, as well as to prevent the United States from projecting its power into Asia. Influencing our decision-making in the event of a crisisI am,” Brandon Wales, executive director of the Homeland Security Agency’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), told WP.

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Morgan Adamski, director of the National Security Agency’s Cybersecurity Cooperation Center, confirmed the Volt Typhoon activity.Focuses on goals in Indo-Pacific regionIncludes Hawaii“. Hackers, during their silent raids, tried to hide themselves by focusing their attacks on innocuous devices such as home or office routers. A key objective was to steal employee credentials.

Chinese military officials appear to have described in internal documents how they could use “cyber tools” in the conflict. However, the focus of Chinese hackers on Hawaii, home of the Pacific Fleet, and at least one port and several logistics centers could disrupt the movement and deployment of U.S. troops and assets in the event of a conflict in the region. Want to test their ability to produce results. Taiwan.