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A fine of 3,000 euros for installing this device on a car dashboard  If they find out they will slaughter you

A fine of 3,000 euros for installing this device on a car dashboard If they find out they will slaughter you

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Did you violate the highway law? Then there are no other paths, no answers, no other solutions but a “gentle” – so to speak – good pat on the back. There is no escape from this.

In the context of everyday reality, in the introduction Mobility“, he constantly tells us Abuse and abuse, Irregularities, violations and real mistakes, it is necessary.

Tighten Continuous control rules Effective, permanent and tangible monitoring of what cars and all other vehicles are doing: it is increasingly urgent.

Car inspection is not just about paying attention to how They cross the road and address navigation, i.e. whether they respect the signs and Driving rules.

Cars must also respect the rules regarding the documentary aspect of the vehicle Facilitiesof the type of equipment there is a edge And the people inside.

Record a fine if you make this mistake

In a field like the current one, where technology has become mainstream, it is necessary to at least analyze this aspect as well. this means? From use and exploitation mobile phones And others device While driving, actual phone calls while behind the wheel, all the way to improper use of the systems Information and entertainmentThere are many truths, but many others remain silent.

For example, few people know that they are taking one of these risks more Exciting to I 3000 euros In total if you are caught with a certain device On board, or rather, on Dashboard Of cars. If the authorities find out it's the end. But, what's up? We are talking about speed radars, both fixed and mobile, which are increasingly on board. They are real “Anti-radar” tools To be precise, you can even buy them at very low prices.

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A fine of 3,000 euros if on board

In general, they are of two types: on the one hand, those who give Warnings about the presence of the roadr that measure speed, or in the second case, are instruments that operate automatically for iInterfere with speed measurement Preventing correct analysis.

Obviously, these toolsNot permitted by law Because it violates a sacred right on the part of the authorities, which is a right Monitoring speed Driving vehicles crossing public roads. Fines arrive in our country Up to 3 thousand euros.