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Diesel or electric 200-300 km per day?

Diesel or electric 200-300 km per day?

La Volkswagen ID.4 (Photo: Volkswagen Newsroom).

Diesel or electric 200-300 km per day? Luca must choose a new car with which he can travel a distance of between 200 and 300 kilometers per day in the valleys of Trentino. filetreco He answers. We remind you that your emails should be sent to [email protected]

A question markI don't want to waste time charging if I travel for work: diesel or electric?

“CFill in order Your videosI have been following you for a while and now I am at a crossroads when choosing a new car…Diesel or electric? Every day for work I do 200 or 300 km on Trentino valleys My choice as an electric car is Volkswagen ID.4

By loading into the box at night, it is possible to get through the day without recharging Don't waste time? And also because on some days Find a column It's very difficult. Thank you, keep us updated as you do. Luca Vanoli

Diesel or electricity
Another photo of the Volkswagen ID.4 (Volkswagen Newsroom).

It depends primarily on the energy you charge with at home

Answer. It depends Compound energy at home. If we talk about the classics 3 kW, It is possible that charging overnight while the car is in the garage may not be enough. In the version with longer autonomy, 530 km, Volkswagen announces consumption 17.4 kW/100 km. Consumption increases significantly in extreme cold and on arduous roads. If we then introduce approx 25 kWh At night, for the distances indicated by Luca, autonomy will not be enough for us.
However, if the power used is increased (the ID.4 is recharged in AC power Fino and 11 kW), and perhaps benefit from the free increase to 6 kW at night and on holidays offered by it ARERA EXPERIENCE The situation is changing and the electric vehicle solution is definitely becoming viable. And also because with use, we begin to locate fast and ultra-fast public charging stations, which are found in Trentino More widespread than you might think. Which can guarantee a quick boost in any situation, since the ID.4 in question is refilled Fino and 175 kW.