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Minimum wage, Tridico: "Two million workers earn 6 euros an hour, this is unacceptable"

Minimum wage, Tridico: “Two million workers earn 6 euros an hour, this is unacceptable”

Today there are more than two million workers working there 6 euros per hour. There are passengers who run and cause fatal accidents and earn 4 euros per hour. this is unacceptable. May not be in an advanced economy.” The head of INPS said that Pascual Tredeco Interview by Deputy Director daily factMaddalena Oliva in “Futura” the three days organized by CGIL in Bologna. The idea of ​​introducing a minimum wage It’s not against the unionRather, it is fully integrated. I am aware of the need for one in our country Act of representation And about the fact that bargaining at that stage should be valid for all persons. But under a certain level, the state says “You can’t work, not work dignified.” He continues: “Wherever it has been introduced, the economic literature shows that we have moved to more favorable production and production frontiers. Minimum wage at the appropriate level, said Tredeco, drives capital-intensive investments, i.e., it drives firms to choose investment strategies that make the most capital use. and innovation rather than low-cost labor and this leads to higher productivity.” In all the countries in which it was introduced, there was not only An increase in well-being by the worker, but there was no unemployment. there above all more Effective allocation of resources I am working on more productive productions and therefore able to achieve overall growth. In the long run, as well as in the medium term, an increase in the minimum wage leads to productivity gains”

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