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3 dead.  The ex-husband was invited, but he did not come

3 dead. The ex-husband was invited, but he did not come

New details on the story that shocked Australia: Deadly 48-year-old meal cook Erin Patterson is in the crosshairs of investigators. According to the Daily Mail, she also invited her ex-husband to lunch, who had already been in intensive care for about three weeks in May last year due to a mysterious stomach ailment. Among the victims were the man’s parents and aunt.

There was also an ex-husband Erin Patterson Among the guests of the luncheon at the end of which three people were killed in the quiet town of Leongatha in the south of the country.Australia.

The events took place on July 18th. According to investigators, it could have killed the 48-year-old Ex-in-laws Jill and Don Patterson, Jill’s sister Heather Wilkinson, while the latter’s husband Ian is hospitalized in serious condition. The woman was cooking some Poisonous mushrooms. She was the only one saved. But some sources told Daily Mail Australia that Patterson also invited her to lunch Ex-husband, Simon Patterson.

Simon was supposed to be there, however I didn’t bring it in at the last minute.”A friend of the man told the Australian edition of the British tabloid on Wednesday. It appears that the 48-year-old wanted to keep the house she has been living in with the couple’s children since their split.

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A neighbor of Gail and Don Patterson said Simon lived with his parents for a few months, then moved out late last year. “We saw the ambulance pull into their driveway on Sunday morning and we didn’t know what was going on,” she said. “They were very active people. They were always outside. And Don went for a walk every morning.” The neighbour, who asked not to be named, described his neighbors as good people, and may have kept in touch with their former daughter-in-law even after the couple separated.

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For her part, Erin Patterson said of the victims: “I loved them I collapse From the fact that they are gone. Gail was like the mother I don’t have because my mother died four years ago (…). Ian and Heather were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They have never wronged me.”

According to media reports, her ex-husband almost died in May last year due to a mystery Stomach diseases. He spent 21 days in intensive care before recovery. “After she got sick, there might have been a separation,” said the neighbor. “We don’t know why they broke up. It was a very special family…” he added.