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It's the secret function of SUVs

It's the secret function of SUVs

Today we want to reveal to you a trick that will leave you speechless. Here's what happens if you press the button on your car's remote control for 9 seconds It's a secret function that not only SUVs have.

It often happens that they discover themselves Secret jobs Your Car Years Later Every now and then, some influencer creates a video about a discovery made, and within a short period of time this action goes viral. Everyone tries it and if it actually works it becomes a unique exchange Social commentsAnd because let's face it too, many of these tricks really open up a “world” to us.

Regardless of the fact that for some models, these mysterious, far-fetched tricks actually exist In the guide, It should also be said that few people read all the functions in the text. So all the best to those who discover and share. For example, how many of you know this function that occurs if Pin it Remote control for your car 9 seconds? It's not just SUVs that have this trick.

Click the button for 9 seconds

As we said, it often happens that the driver of the car Booklet with instructions Where all the functions of the car are located, rarely read them completely, which is why not everyone is able to take full advantage of their car. Then one day, we stumbled upon some tutorials, social videos or even a tip from some of our friends and learned about it. Tricks Monzer.

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Just to give you an example, when It changes For whatever reason it gets stuck, don't panic, just press the button Emergency button Which most car manufacturers place right below this piece and that's it. You will then unlock it Manually Gearbox, in order to engage gears and move again without having to call a mechanic.

Press and hold the remote – Source: Depositphotos –

Secret job

But the person just described is not the only one Hidden function Be present in your car. To give you another example, you know that hold Pressed for 9-10 seconds the button roadblock With your car's remote control, Side mirrors Will they close on their own? An influencer discovered this, and his video quickly went viral on social media. As we can read from the comments made, there are many users who completely ignored this function.

However, be careful, because some models, perhaps older ones, may not have this special and very useful feature abbreviation, found, for example, in various SUVs. All things considered, this remote control trick is just one of the many tricks, that's why it would be good for you to not only read the guide but also perform the Search online About all the hidden tricks you didn't know existed in your car.