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The audience decided that Jessica is the winner of this version of Big Brother VipThus ends the sixth edition of the reality show. to advertise Alfonso SignoriniWho read the TV broadcast rule. Jessica SelassieThus, he is the winner, indeed he is the winner Gf VIP. won David Silvestri She garnered 62% of the votes, to complement her story, a rival story that couldn’t carve out its place in a house full of overwhelming characters.

Perhaps this is exactly the key to her success, it is no coincidence that she reached the last chapter with her David SilvestriMore strategic than her, but always coherent and above all direct. The latter is suffering from the disappointment of not being able to win just one step of victory, but on the other hand Jessica Selassie It was mentioned as a favourite. So expectations did not disappoint. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

Gf Vip Winner: Jessica and David in the Final Chapter

Paro Jaitani One step away from winning: Third place in the standings big brother vip. “You have come a long waycommented. forward at the moment Jessica Selassie with 57% of the vote while David Silvestri collected 34%. Only 9% for Barrow who left Gf Vip’s house for this reason. Therefore, the title of the winner in the balance between Jessica And the DavidWhich for this reason will be able to turn off the house lights.

Alfonso Signorini In the meantime, she launched the TV flash to choose the winner of big brother vip: The votes will be added to those collected by the parties in the previous vote. Therefore, the moment of truth approaches relentlessly and even the order of reality takes shape with the third Barù, ahead of Delia Duran, Lulu and Giucas Casella. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

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Gf Vip Winner: Jessica vs. Barrow & Davide

The three contenders are vying for the title winner subordinate Big Brother Vip 6 I Barrow Gaitani, Davide Silvestri and Jessica Selassie. The latter, in fact, beat the TV Delia Duran with 73%, taking the last available place in the final. A single woman, then, to challenge two men in the race to win the reality show. Alex Bailey’s wife had to give up the win forever, thus placing herself fourth in the final standings, ahead of her Lulu Selassiedefeated by 61% by David Silvestri, E Geocas Casilla.

Therefore, Alfonso Signorini opened the telecast, but not the last of this edition, because the lowest vote would be placed in third place, and the other two would play another telecast session adding to the previously obtained votes. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

Gf Vip Winner: Lulu V, Jessica challenges Delia

A trio of rivals begins to take shape for a victory big brother vip In the end. The first to fight for the winning role is Paro JaitaniWho obtained immunity to the pyramids from the two televised meetings of this final. However, he had the opportunity to choose an opponent to give him the opportunity to choose his opponent. His choice David SilvestriWhich he chose boldly Lulu Selassie, are preferred. Subsequently, Jessica Selassie You will have to deal with Delia Duran. At the moment, only the first two judges are known, and there were no shortage of surprises: David beat Lulu on TV; Therefore, the victory will be played with Barrow and one between Jessica and Delia Duran. Now, in fact, it is up to them to play the last useful place of decisive television, which is the triple method in which we will learn the name of the winner in big brother vip. Therefore classification Sees in fifth place Lulu Selassie. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

Gf Vip Winner: Giucas VI, Jessica…

The race for the final big brother vip Stop Geocas Casilla. paragnost failed to overcome Jessica Selassie to TV, so the young princess is the fifth finalist in Gf Vip with 70% of the vote. A net result, which seems to put Jessica on the right track for tonight. In fact, Jessica is considered the favorite to win the ultimate. However, he had to overcome the last hurdle, the first crucial hurdle, to officially enter the final. Therefore, the ranking of reality knows the first position: in sixth place is Giucas Casella. Now the other five positions still have to be covered in order to thus reach the winner of this version of the Big Brother Vip. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

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Big Winner 2021: Who will it be?

Now there we are: the moment of the highly anticipated final Big Brother VIP 2021 During which we will discover Winner of the sixth edition – The third in a row Alfonso Signorini Arranging the finalists. What’s about to finish was actually at least a record release in terms of duration: the longest ever with six months. However, in a few hours, the lights will definitely go out, and above all we will find out who managed to win the hearts of reality TV viewers.

After the many feelings, intrigues, loved ones, and even “triangles” they went through during the long version of the GF Vip, it’s time to draw conclusions. Only one will officially occupy the podium, and also win the nest egg available to the winner. In fact, we remind you that whoever wins at the end of the program will not only win the title but also the prize pool 100 thousand euros paleoHalf of it will go to charity.

Big Brother Vip 2021: Finalists to win

There is still a free seat for the final Big Brother VIP 2021. one in between Geocas Casilla And the Jessica Selassie You will join the remaining contestants and be able to compete to become the winner of the Big Brother Vip, climbing the rankings of preferences: but who will it be? There is still a little time left to find out, but in the meantime, one thing is for sure. to Officially put on the finalists’ shoesearly in the evening of March 14, 2022 it will be Delia DuranAnd the Lulu SelassieAnd the David Silvestri And the barrow. With them there will be a fifth name and then the race to the highest step on the podium can begin that will crown the winner (or winner) of this exceptional edition!

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With one elimination between Giucas and Jessica, of course, the final standings will also begin to form and then move forward, elimination after elimination, to the final challenge of The Voice of Television. In fact, it will be the audience who will decide, as always, the winner of the GF Vip.

Favorite contenders for the 2021 Big Brother Vip Winner are…

At the moment, it is difficult to determine the best candidate to win Big Brother VIP 2021. Various polls and predictions have taken over the web in the last few days before the final which could give us a great surprise: a women’s win! It is clear that the final word will be left to the local audience but it is not excluded that one of the winners will be the winner Selassie sistersEspecially Jessica, a real stranger about the version. He was criticized because, never revealed (almost) publicly, he could now climb the rankings and finish in first place.

Only then shouldn’t be underestimated barrow That after being able to get the best out of the previous date, she won two important TV channels and was able to excel first Manila Nazarote and then Sophie Codegoni, his development can be prepared in definitive light today. However, the dream of many users will be a women-only platform, a hypothesis that should not be ruled out.

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