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22 years old, stunning beauty - Libero Quotidiano

22 years old, stunning beauty – Libero Quotidiano

Volcanic is often unbreakable Vittorio my little boy He hides, but not so much, a heart of gold, full of tenderness. Especially for his beautiful daughter Evelina SgarbiThe 22-year-old is stunningly beautiful. It would be age, or children’s growth, Sgarbi surely dedicated an impressive and unusual post on social networks to Evelina.

The art critic published a series of photos depicting Evelina in all its glory. Al Shabibi commented below: “My daughter is getting married by nature.” This is the short caption dedicated to Evelina, indicated in the photo on Instagram. In short, the words from which emanate all the affection and admiration that Vittorio Sgarbi feels for Evelina.

Pictured here are her brown hair and tail, white shirt, pearl necklace, and earrings, as well as white lace gloves. Photos captured in a natural context, shots that almost look like a work of art. the girl is I was born out of a relationship between my youngster and a Turin womanHe attended the Marangoni Institute in Milan and, like his father, loves art history.

She is the younger sister of Carlo Brennerborn designer Patricia Brenner, who died in 2002, and met Alba Segarbi, class of 1998, born in Tirana from a relationship with an Albanian opera singer, after a concert. Vittorio Segarbi does not like to talk about his children. But in this case he made an exception. One of the few: Among the few other antecedents, we remember a gentle hug given live to two of his children at a time It’s not D’Ursothe program that Barbara Dorso He drove on the Canale 5.

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