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Stefania Sandrelli, after a great career farewell has arrived: the dramatic announcement

Stefania Sandrelli, after a great career farewell has arrived: the dramatic announcement

Stefania Sandrelli revealed to Oggi that she is now ready to bid farewell to the world of entertainment after an extraordinary career.

On June 5, he turned 76 years old Stefania Sandrelli, one of the most important and beloved actresses of Italian cinema, and the heroine of many films and television series that have been highly appreciated by the audience. winner of three David from Donatello (including a Lifetime Achievement Award), a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement and six Nastri d’Argento, Stefania Sandrelli gave an interview to Oggi where she talked about her career and said she is now at the end of her career in the entertainment world.

I’ve made over a hundred moviesTV, theater, I directed an opera – Stefania Sandrelli said to this day – I had a lot of fun filming Acqua e Anice, but my career is about to end. So, I am sorry? But no, I gave a lot, I did a lot… I am only concerned that if I stop working my standard of living will change.”

“Maybe now it’s right to split, it’s been years of compromise”

Stefania Sandrelli’s confession aroused great sadness among her many fans, who were able to appreciate him in films such as last kiss And the Beautiful first thingbut also the Italian-style, seductive and abandoned divorce, Evelina and her children, not forgetting the TV series such as Il Maresciallo Rocca, Caro Maestro 2, woman beautyand General Dalla Chiesa and many others.

During the interview with Oggi, the very popular actress from Viareggio also focused on her relationship with her current partner. Giovanni Soldati. The two have been a couple for many years but it seems like lately things haven’t been going well. Crisis and this was also confirmed by the words of the actress herself.

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Sandrelli's Soldiers

Maybe it’s okay to break up now, that works for me. it’s good for me … When he got sick, we got tired of each other for a long time. I’ve been distracted by other people, maybe he’s too. We felt compelled to live together. The last few years with him have been years of compromise. for affection. for foreplaySandrelli said in the interview, who nevertheless wanted to compliment her current partner by noting that he is an honest man.

Today I have no desire to fall madly in love‘” Stefania Sandrelli told Dominica that instead.But not even in another life. in my next life If you fall in love you fall in love with a woman And all I can, with all the assessments of the case. And if I didn’t have the responsibility and certainty for all the sacrifices I would have to make, I would. Intellectually, I would gladly do so“.