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200 euros reward for the unemployed, a dream or a reality? When should you arrive

It appears that a one-time bonus of 200 euros is also expected to be paid to the unemployed. This means that even those who don’t have a job will get the bonus. Here’s when it will arrive and all the details about it.

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about a one-time bonus of €200. Moreover, the economic aid of 200 euros, stipulated in the Aid Ordinance 2022, affects a very large number of beneficiaries. According to the data, about 28 million are among the eligible, the unemployed also seem to be included. We assess the situation.

200 euros

Let’s start by saying that the non-recurring allowance of €200, also called the €200 bonus, is an economic support created by Articles 31-32, Decree-Law May 17, 2022, No. 50. This one-time benefit applies to several categories of workers.

In fact, in recent months financial support has been provided to several million beneficiaries and beneficiaries. Specifically, for categories: for both public and private sector employees, retired, self-employed, and , domestic and seasonal workers, as well as for beneficiaries of citizenship income.

In any case, it appears that the measure launched by the Draghi government, to support families in economic hardship, will also be paid to those without work. Therefore, even the unemployed will finally be able to take advantage of this feature.

The unemployed who are entitled to a one-time bonus of €200 are holders of Naspi unemployment allowance but also for those who receive a Dis – Coll allowance, the recurring fund is fully covered. Among the beneficiaries, there will also be 2021 agricultural unemployment beneficiaries who are already beneficiaries of previous Covid 2021 benefits.

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€200 bonus
€200 bonus

Unemployed workers belonging to these categories will not have to ask any questions. In fact, the support disbursement is independent of requests and requests. The reward will come pay automatically By INPS, along with unemployment benefits realized monthly, but not before October. In fact, it seems that the appointment with a bonus of 200 euros for the unemployed was not expected before October.

Not all the unemployed will be able to get a one-time bonus of €200 launched by the Draghi government through the aid decree and aid decree bis. In fact, the provision of economic support is Offered only to the unemployed who did not receive unemployment benefits in June 2022.