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Airbnb donates 1 million to historic Italian homes


September 16


by Redazione
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to support Historical and cultural heritage for our country and at the same time make it easier: this is the aim of the new ADSI (Association of Italian Historic Houses) call made possible thanks to a donation Airbnb.

Contribution – 1 million euros is good Historic homeowners will be allowed to obtain financing to restore properties that have already been converted, to convert them into hospitality, or to improve existing residence services. This announcement was made on the occasion of European Heritage Daysby Adsi and Airbnb during the Living in History, Looking to the Future conference, held today at Palazzo Taverna in Rome, with a salutation by Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture.

An Airbnb donation matches a larger donation European Cultural Heritage Promotion Project promoted by the platform. In Europe, bookings for historic homes in the first half of 2022 more than doubled compared to 2019, while the number of hosts in this category increased by more than 50%.

He explained that “historic houses, in addition to being an important asset for tourism, play an essential role in diversifying the flows – Find GiacomoCountry Director of Airbnb Italia – The possibility of extending this experience to accommodation may allow a paradigm shift to different rural destinations or villages, relaunching the local economy for the benefit of the entire community.”

According to the dataSpecial Cultural Heritage Observatory promoted Bruno Vicentini FoundationThere are more than 37,700 historical private properties in Italy, more than half (54%) of which are in municipalities with less than 20,000 residents, and in 26% of cases, even fewer than 5,000 residents. This makes the historic homes not only a primary tourist attraction for our country, but also the hub of the circular economy that places villages at the center. This is a huge potential that goes from visits to the organization of events, through the reception, promotion and promotion of the food and wine characteristics of individual territories, but also in the accompaniment of environmental and digital transformation.

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“Every day the owners undertake to preserve and enhance the unique network of Historic Houses, a truly widespread museum of enormous social, cultural and economic value – he commented. Giacomo de Thien, the national head of ADSI – a network of properties distributed throughout the territory that constitutes the country’s heritage on a par with the general cultural heritage in terms of memory and current and future development, generating the same number of visitors to the national museums. However, the importance they play is often not accompanied by sufficient support from local and national institutions, which leave the task of maintenance to the owners alone: ​​a heavy burden that, thanks to Airbnb’s contribution, will be easier to handle.”


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