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Without Courage - Time

Without Courage – Time

How do things go wrong? Mario Draghi is at the center of the crossfire for those who say the measures taken to contain the increase in Covid infections are too mild and those who have literally gone up after opting to introduce the mandatory green lane for some activities of daily living. The prime minister was blamed by Maria Theresa Meli, a journalist from Corriere della Sera who was a guest in connection with Larria Chi Terra, a La7 program that sees Francesco Magnani run.

“Mario Draghi – the journalist drowning – must be worried about the fact that to meet the needs of his majority, he made a green card with a value of zero, because a document that is valid after the first vaccination is like saying zero. It is a fake. The problem is that Confindustria is talking and saying something normal ‘You go’ To the workplace is fortified, ‘a banality that makes Landini and the unions rise up. Then it is said that you need a green pass to do this, this and that, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini rise …”.

“The problem for Draghi – Mielle asserts – is that, with so much power, with political parties that make you laugh and helpless, there is an empty classroom, so why not have more courage? I would ask the government, it does not shock me because there is a green corridor, but this Valid after the first dose, which is like saying zero.” Harsh words towards the prime minister. But also an argument with the host at the time of the salutation before the announcement: “Thank you so much for not making me answer Peter Gomez, thank you very much, hello! I couldn’t respond to someone who called me a non-journalist, thanks and bye!” And Ignazio La Rosa hums to her “Tito, the nun of Lhasa!” While Magnani tries to restore order and convince the journalist to stay in touch. It is a pity that they have already suspended Skype.

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