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The reduction in petroleum sale fees and tax credits has been extended to all companies since October

The reduction in petroleum sale fees and tax credits has been extended to all companies since October

As announced at the press conference by Economy Minister Daniel


, the government “allocates 14 billion in total”, which adds up to those past months to become 66. “For energy, we allocated 33 billion, and ten today is 43. Debt remained at 5.6%, as shown in Nadef and Def”. The decree’s coverage comes from the increase in revenues, the rationalization of budget items, and the compensation mechanism applied to renewable sources.

Ok Cdm rules for MLM map, league votes against –

The Cabinet approved the legislative decree with the rules to begin mapping all public concessions. Reportedly, all three League ministers voted against the measure.

Contribution to the energy costs of the third sector –

In the third aid decree, it is envisaged to make an exceptional contribution to third sector entities equivalent to 25% of expenditures incurred to purchase the energy component actually used in the first, second, third and fourth quarters of 2022, and partially offset the higher costs actually incurred to purchase natural gas, an exceptional contribution equal to 25% %, of that consumed in the first, second, third and fourth quarters of 2022, for energy uses other than thermoelectric uses. This was announced by Labor Secretary Andrea Orlando with a note.

One hundred million for road transport, another 100 for Tpl –

The arrival of an additional €100 million – on top of the €40 million already earmarked for previous actions – for local public transport companies for the higher costs incurred, in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, for the purchase of fuel used in the vehicle to perform the service. As MIMS points out, $100 million has also been allocated to road transport companies to mitigate the effects of the increase in fuel.

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Extending fuel surcharge cuts until November

The reduction in tax charges for petrol and diesel will be extended until the end of November.

One-time €150 bonus for entries under 20 thousand –

The decree provides for a one-time bonus of 150 euros for those with a gross income of less than 20,000 euros per year, including pensioners (for an audience of 22 million people).

For small businesses a 30% tax credit on electricity –

Rates are 40% for power users and 30% for smaller businesses that use electricity at a power of 4.5 kW higher. This is the new enhanced tax credit recognized on electricity by Aid-ter dl. The Ministry of Economic Development made this clear, emphasizing that “Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti’s proposal to focus all resources in October and November for an immediate and more important recovery on expensive energy.” Therefore, Mise points out that the benefits are also multiplied for ski lifts and for all productive and commercial activities not classified as energy-intensive.

State guarantee on corporate loans in crisis –

The decree provides for the state guaranteeing loans to companies in liquidity crunch for expensive bills, with agreements being drawn up with banks to provide loans at the lowest rate, in line with the BTP. “From our point of view, the guarantees are effective immediately,” Minister Franco said.

Another 10 million for the transfer bonus –

The arrival of new funds for the transport bonus, a contribution of 60 euros for the purchase of tickets for public transport seasons. In particular, the fund created by the first aid decree has increased by 10 million euros for 2022. The voucher, recognized for people with an annual income of less than 35 thousand euros, can be requested until December. According to the data of the Ministry of Labor, the bonuses issued so far amounted to about 730 thousand.

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50 million for swimming pools and sports facilities –

Non-reimbursable grants amounting to €50 million in 2022 will benefit amateur sports associations and clubs and federations that operate sports facilities and swimming pools. The Dl Aid ter Project states this.

Forty million for expensive bills in cinemas and theaters –

“To mitigate the effects of” the increase in electricity and gas supply costs incurred by theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, institutes and cultural venues “a spending of 40 million euros has been approved for the year 2022. The Minister of Culture, which will be adopted within thirty days from the date of entry into force of this decree, specifies The methods of distributing and allocating resources referred to in the first period”.

Good anti-resettlement rooms –

An employer who wants to transfer or close his business in the absence of a crisis has 90 days (not 30 days) to present a plan to reduce the employment and economic repercussions. And the contribution he has to pay “in the event of no participation in the scheme by the trade unions” is “raised by 500 per 100”. This is what we read in the draft Del.

There is also a reform of technical and vocational institutes in line with the objectives –

There is also a reform of technical and vocational institutes in the Land Aid Ordinance. As for the technical institutes, the goal (contained in the National Measurement Program) is to adapt the training courses “to the needs in terms of skills of the national production sector, in accordance with the objectives of the national recovery and resilience plan.”

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