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15-Day Weather Forecast: Will November Free Us from the Countercyclical Burden?

15-Day Weather Forecast: Will November Free Us from the Countercyclical Burden?

Italy is tired of drought, heat, smog and haze… all factors are derived from the protracted situation which is referred to by the generic name of “high pressure”.

Literally standing high pressure They persecute our peninsulaWhich prevents fall from taking its course. In this period the rains should fill the streams, and instead make you wait or if they arrive, they fall with the dropper, with modest and fleeting benefits.

he will change? Fortunately, the maps at our disposal They are optimistic Today also about changing the speed in case of time precisely with the beginning of the new month.

Show us the first map rain probability Which we will be staying in Italy in exactly one week, or in a day Friday 4 November:

The map shows, compared to the no-weather these days Many steps forward in the field of water level measurementwith almost all of Italy embracing the possibility of rain modified or even high Where you see yellow.

Compared to the last few rainy trails, this shouldn’t be a drop in the desert followed by the usual anti-hurricane return; Atlantic currents can already create opportunity and let Precipitation arrives on several occasions During the first ten days of November.

about it, there Average American Model Scenarios Valid for Monday 7 November:

notice Nice sweep of the western currents That in addition to removing the high pressure from Italy in a definitive way, they must ensure that Rains at irregular intervals from north to south.

Finally, we show you a map rain probability valid for a day Monday 7 November:

Precipitation probability medium or high In most Italian regions, with very few regions of low probability.

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