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How to optimize space in your bag with 7 small items

How to optimize space in your bag with 7 small items

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Ancona 10/27/2022
When traveling, it’s important to stay light, especially since hand luggage has been paid for on many low-cost airlines. Precisely for this reason, today we will find out together what to pack, focusing on 7 small items to take with us.

Hand luggage for a fee offered by low-cost airlines

Gone are the times when you could travel by spending 10€ and also take your hand luggage with you. Today on the plane, in most cases, only small backpacks (usually 40x20x25 cm), or those that can be stowed under the seat, are given free of charge. Hence, it is very important Find out how to optimize spaces And choose Small and Compact Objects.

7 little things to take with you in your backpack

We start with a power bank, preferably light and compact, which is essential for recharging electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets when traveling and running out of battery. Without an outlet nearby, a portable charger becomes a real value. Universal adapters are also part of this list: when you go abroad, in fact, thanks to these accessories, you can use all devices without problems, wherever you are. The list goes on to remember the e-cig, small and light. exist Online Services List Best pod mod to buy. Very useful in this case is the automatic, which is activated when you aspire without pressing any button: in short, if the device is pressed into the backpack, it prevents the button from being accidentally pressed. Other small items that shouldn’t be missing in a backpack are microfiber towels, especially since the ultra-fine fiber is a more compact fabric, which helps save space in a backpack or suitcase. In this list, we can’t help but include something as essential as an inflatable travel pillow, which is crucial when traveling by plane. This pillow, in fact, can be carried very easily, it is very comfortable, and when deflated, it takes up very little space in the backpack. Other small but very useful things to take with you when you travel? Lenses or lenses for smartphones, to take exciting pictures, lightweight and extendable tripod mount for mobile phone. Among the best models we find the so-called Gorillapod, with its flexible and knuckle bars, and exceptional compactness.

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In conclusion, with these things, you can equip yourself with a backpack on the plane without problems.