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Vitaliy Vorobey Flatness A public space in Barcelona

Vitaliy Vorobey Flatness A public space in Barcelona

In a slogan made up of a few simple words “for each of us‘, the meaning of the project is contained flatness Made by the architect Vitaly Vorobei with Alexey Zvolansky for Barcelona.
The project, which was completed in 2019, was implemented in the green area of ​​the Catalan city. It is a very flexible and versatile public space designed to accommodate different types of events, but also as a meeting place for activities or relaxation.
Project Title “flatness“It refers to the prevailing horizontality of architecture, created by the volumes that make up the building and enhanced by the chromatic uniformity of the surfaces that also determine the arrangement of the exterior spaces.
Architects respond to the need to define a space that can develop the creative potential of the city by welcoming different types of artistic manifestations or events. flatness In fact, it includes an art gallery and an exhibition hall, where temporary exhibitions and art performances can be hosted, as well as outdoor spaces suitable for different forms of use.
The main advantage of these outdoor spaces, which are open, is that they seem to extend into the natural context, conveying a sense of deep freedom. They are spaces that can be used and lived in different ways. Its chromatic consistency, emphasized by strong overhangs and shadows, combined with the presence of a water mirror, evokes a metaphysical dimension that stimulates meditation. So they seem to be spaces that can be experienced as destinations for meditative walks. On the other hand, the grouping of volumes and shapes envisioned by the architects, makes the project suitable for active pastimes such as skateboarding and snowboarding. In addition, some elements, such as the stairs and the path on the water mirror, make it the ideal setting for some outdoor events such as fashion shows, performances, and competitions dedicated to street culture (skating competitions, graffiti and briqueting). These are the spaces that architect Vitaly Vorobei thinks are animated by works created by artists, emerging or simple users who have decided to test themselves by giving substance to the logo. “For each of us” which governs the entire project.

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(Agnese Bifulco)

Photos courtesy of Vitaly Vorobei

Project name – flatness
Location – Barcelona, ​​Spain

Site area (m2) – 13800 square meters
Built area (m2) – 4050 square meters

Chief Architect – Vitaly Vorobei
List of team members – Vitaly Voroby, Alexei Zvolansky