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Youth attacked in Crotone: dynamics revealed, person exchange – Calabria


The man-to-man exchange appeared to be the attack on 20-year-old Davide Ferrio from Bologna, who was on holiday with relatives in Crotone. Investigations coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and carried out by the Crotone Mobile Squad led to the arrest of Nicolo Pasalacqua as the author of the gesture. The attention of the investigators is concentrated on the analysis of the images obtained by the video surveillance systems and the analysis of the cellular devices of the involved subjects and the investigations of all the subjects (even those who are slightly involved). An even darker picture emerged. David was unaware of his attack, and Pasalacqua was searching through social media for someone he had met with one of his age-matched friends. David Ferrero, in fact, was put in the middle by a third course that used a young Bolognese to distract the group where Passalacqua was.

Ferrero was through Vittorio Veneto, near the Palace of Justice, where a friend of his was waiting. On the other hand, Pasalakwa was accompanied by two of his relatives, a minor girl, her mother, her partner and another son of the couple. Basalakwa – who has an interest in the minor – allegedly supported the girl in a meeting he set up with a 31-year-old man who lives in the province. The minor had, in fact, been contacted via Instagram in the previous days from an account with the name discovered (which investigations found the 31-year-old was using). The two had a brief conversation (in mild tones and without overt sexual references), at the end of which the young man asked to meet the girl, who, on the recommendation of her mother, had made a meeting nearby. Palazzo di Justice at 9 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to find out the identity of the litigant

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The group of people then went to the Palace of Justice and confronted the 31-year-old mother of the minor, who refused to wait for the girl, as she walked away, to distract the group (which had meanwhile gathered. Continued to look for the person with whom the meeting was arranged), and the white shirt that she had arrived on the girl’s Instagram account. He also wrote that he was wearing (actually he was wearing a blue shirt). The girl read the message aloud, and Paslakwa mistakenly identified David, who was wearing a white shirt, as a teacher of social relations. From the footage obtained from the video surveillance systems, we observe that Paslakwa approaches David Ferrio and asks him if he is the person who had the meeting with his friend. At that moment David, not knowing everything and frightened by the singular demand, left the place, first walking quickly and then running in the direction of his grandmother’s house, where he was a guest. Basalakwa, interpreting that attitude as an affirmation, ran after him, reaching him once, kneeing him in the sternum and punching him at least twice in the face.

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