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“You're making everything up, you're done with me.”

“You're making everything up, you're done with me.”

There is a clash in the Big Brother house between the young contestants.

The last episode of Big brother, which was broadcast yesterday, Monday, January 8, on Canale 5, was full of twists and turns. The episode witnessed The long-awaited return to the home of Beatrice Luzzi that it'Heated debate between young rivals Paolo Masella and Vittorio Minuzzi Where they flew Serious accusations.

A dispute between Paolo Masella and Vittorio Minuzzi

It's a clash in the Big Brother house between two young contestants. We're talking about Paolo Masella and Vittorio Minuzzi. It all started when… The model was accused by Letizia Beatrice's boyfriend and Massimiliano Varese To always walk around in your underwear and watch girls undress:

You went up to Leticia in your underwear to say goodnight and I didn't like it, it's a matter of finesse. It bothered me. I would never go say goodnight to a girl wearing my underwear, I have my own mentality. I'm not saying she's the most beautiful in the world, but she's mine. Letizia has distanced herself from you because you were once closer to her. She broke up because she was the first to break up with you.

This has happened so many times, I didn't write stupid on my face eh. Vittorio, I'm not stupid. You get closer to them as you move away, you examine them, you count them… This is a matter of tact, I am jealous. But it wasn't just me who noticed what I told you, others noticed it too. You love Leticia, you told me that some time ago. Don't expect me to not mind if a guy in his underwear goes into the bed of the girl I'm dating.

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Serious accusations Causing Vittorio's immediate reaction. Annoyed and disappointed by his playmate's behavior, the model tried to defend himself and explain his position:

But what do you say? You make everything happen! For me, freedom, respect and fun are core values. I love Leticia as a boss, and I love her as a friend. There is a way and a way of saying things. It's something really different […] Look Paolo disappointed me. He's really done with me. He made two in one braid. Within half an hour, he had me go from being a voyeur to someone who enjoyed teasing people.

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