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Christmas Lunch movie, story, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

Christmas Lunch movie, story, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

TV8 He suggests the film titled Today Christmas lunch. It is an emotional film with a romantic and Christmas atmosphere.

Production is from United States of AmericaThe year of creation is 2020 and its duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Viewing is also open to minors.

Christmas lunch movie actors

Christmas Lunch Movie – Direction, Heroes, Where It Was Filmed

The trend is by Roger M. Bob. The main heroes are renal H Donovon Jackson Played straight before Megan Holder H Laman Rocker. Also in the cast L. Warren Young In turn dollar.

Filmed in United Statein particular advertising Atlanta In the territory Georgia.

Production is from Marvista Entertainment In cooperation with Rebellion FX H Tycor International Films Company.

The original title is Christmas cooking.

The movie Christmas Lunch where it was filmedThe movie Christmas Lunch where it was filmed

Christmas Lunch – The film was broadcast on TV8

The plot has a protagonist renala famous chef from Atlantain state Georgiawho works in a fine-dining restaurant. renal He gets fired a few weeks ago Natalie.

At this point, being unemployed, she is looking for another job. Not finding what satisfied him, he reluctantly accepted a job with a professional baseball player Donovan Jackson.

The man is a father of three children and single. He needs a home cook so that his children can have a good Christmas holiday. renal She accepts the job even though she is not convinced. He does this because he wants to save the amount necessary to achieve his dream: opening his own restaurant.

But she soon finds herself, despite herself, involved in family events Jackson He meets during his stay. actually renal He will soon learn this during house parties Jackson The importance of family and good food remains at the center of everyone's attention renal He strives to achieve it.

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Final spoiler

when Natalie reached the end, renal He discovers that his dream of opening a restaurant may finally come true. But in the meantime circumstances had changed and his heart was now beating in a completely different direction. renal He found love.

The last film of Christmas LunchThe last film of Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch – Full Cast

Below is the film's cast Christmas lunch And the characters played by the actors

  • Megan Holder: Chloe
  • Laman Rocker: Donovon Jackson
  • Warren Young: dollar
  • Billy Tippen: Vanessa
  • Lindsey Blackwell: Lindsay
  • Burgundy rose: DJ
  • Marquita Goings: Shavon
  • Giovonnie Samuels: April
  • Peter Lewis Zimmerman: Carlos
  • Jane Harper: Dolores
  • Pisani wins: sign
  • Victor Turner: Minister
  • Travis Presley: a fan