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Your Wifi modem is always on: Here’s how much it costs on your bill

Your Wifi modem is always on: Here’s how much it costs on your bill

We often have a bad habit of leaving the Wi-Fi modem on all the time. Today we will see if it is worth it and how much it costs in the bill.

Let’s be honest, none of us at home usually turn off the Wi-Fi modem with this device that remains on every moment of the day. But is it really worth it when it comes to bill costs? Let’s see how much it costs us to leave the device active all day.

What you need to know about this bad habit –

We all leave our Wi-Fi modem turned on every day at home, whether at night or when we’re not home. Sometimes we do it out of forgetfulness, other times because it’s just a bad habit. But at a time when the cost of living has risen dramatically, we must always remember that It could have an impact on your bill. In fact, if on the one hand this device consumes a little, it must also be said that we always keep it on hand even when there is no real reason.

In general, the annual cost of the modem is 50 euros, noting that this consumes 10-12 watts per hour, so we are talking about 15 cents daily. However, this number is just an estimate because a lot also depends on the characteristics of the modem we have at home. Some of these systems are equipped with energy saving systems that allow you to consume less, especially during the night, any consumption can be reduced, because fewer devices use it. However, today we will analyze the cost of the modem in the invoice.

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Wi-Fi modem, don’t keep it on all the time: How much does it cost you on your bill?

If we previously saw the average cost of annual modem consumption, today we will see in detail how much this device costs you day and night. Especially if we are talking about a fiber device designed for high speed, you will understand that the costs will rise significantly. In fact, if on hand new modems It consumes between 8-10 watts per hourOn the other hand, fiber requires more energy.

Costs related to an always-on modem –

At night, traffic decreases, especially if no one at home is using the Internet. However, in order to spend less on your bill, you will realize that it is beneficial to turn off the device. In some cases, the “Power Saving” mode can also be used, which allows you to keep the Wi-Fi modem working all day with less power consumption. In this case, the cost is billed at the annual level It will be about 25-30 euros.

Another fear that Italians share is keeping the modem on at night. In fact, one of the most common beliefs is that the router has negative effects on health in the medium to long term. However, it must be said that science has not yet been able to prove all this, which is why it is impossible to talk about a real danger. Moreover, European Union rules stipulate Limitations on emissions of electromagnetic waves This is why it is almost impossible for your health to be at risk.

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