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730, models are already available.  What you need to know so you don't make mistakes

730, models are already available. What you need to know so you don’t make mistakes

Samples are available for the 730. Here’s everything you need to know: how to do it, deadline and news.

The draft form and instructions for it are ready Model 730. This has been reported byrevenue agency. In the official version of 2022 It will be available to taxpayers after the specific judgment has been published by the Revenue Agency. Here’s all the information you need to avoid making and avoiding compile-time errors Checks and investigations from the IRS.

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Deadline and submission

Regarding the deadline for submission tax declaration of employees and retireestax year 2021, stays al September 30, 2022.

The return can be submitted directly to the revenue agency, through a CAF, a qualified professional or, finally, through a tax withholding agent.

the Prefilled adAny declaration made by the Revenue Agency and made available to taxpayers. Form 730 and instructions for completing it can be downloaded from the Agenzia delle Entrate website.

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Assembly 730: FAQ

730, models are already available.  What you need to know so you don't make mistakes

Among the information that will be included in the tax return pre-translated, there will be the following:

  • The data contained in unique certificate, sent to the Revenue Agency by withholding agents: dependent family members, income from employment or retirement, withholding taxes, provincial and municipal surcharges, APE tax credits, incidental self-employment fees, short rental statements;
  • Fee deductible or deductible Reported to the financial department: health expenses, interest expense on mortgages, insurance premiums, social security contributions, home business contributions, etc.;
  • Some information tax return for the previous year;
  • Other data contained intax record, for example information contained in databases of real estate, payments and compensations made using F24.
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730 Updates for 2022

The 730 is very useful for taxpayers because simple to fill, without the need to make calculations and the payment is made in Salary or in pension premium From July onwards. On the other hand, if the amounts have to be paid, they are kept in the pay slip.

In 2022, a number of new features will be introduced. Among these are excellent rewards for Architectural Barriers, someone Modifications to Personal Income Tax Bonus, which replaces the Renzi bonus, but also the click bonus, music bonus and tax credit forFirst home purchase For youth under the age of 36. All requirements to benefit from it are specified in the Revenue Agency’s instructions.