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You will never have to see those pesky boards again

It is a time of crisis, especially during the autumn and winter months, for the energy sector and everything related to it, for the entire European Union.

Because of the recent conflicts that have occurred in Ukraine, in fact, the cost of raw materials as well as energy (both electricity and above all methane) has increased significantly, and this has obviously been reflected in the cost of monthly energy bills, which have increased significantly.

According to some recent statistics, in fact, this year’s monthly billing numbers have nearly doubled compared to the corresponding billing numbers for the year immediately prior. Despite all the aid coming from countries all over Europe, in this bleak situation, more and more Italian families are at risk of falling into poverty, as it becomes really difficult to be able to bear the weight of these huge bills, especially if it is a single-family. income.

This is how alternative energy sources, especially solar energy with the installation of a photovoltaic system, become essential at this stage in order to consume less electricity, and thus pay fewer bills at the end of the month, which leads to a simplification of expenses.

By publishing an official press release Scenicor a German company that specializes in building power stations from renewable sources, has been able to produce “Solar panels that manage to sidestep the limitations of the landscapewhich often (as in the case of Italy above all) present a different artistic and cultural heritage of great interest.

How it works

Depending on where you live (in the historic center of a condominium, or in a completely detached house), these solar tiles They are able to blend in perfectly with ordinary tilesThus avoiding the destruction of the aesthetic effect of the whole. In doing so, the owners of houses in which photovoltaic systems are installed have the possibility to choose respectively whether to cover the entire roof or, alternatively, only the part of the roof of the house with the best possible exposure to the sun.

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One of the advantages of the tiles manufactured by Senec is that they are very easy and immediate to assemble, and they theoretically guarantee the same performance (both in terms of waterproofing and covering).

tile 2 hwupgrade

In this case, the solar panels are available in terracotta and anthracite gray respectively, and have the possibility of guaranteeing three shapes, which can be easily combined in a way that perfectly adapts to the shape of this particular roof, with all the necessary decorations.