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You were never polite to me

You were never polite to me

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

Clash between Caroline Smith and Selvagia Lucarelli on Dancing with the Stars. “I was polite and let you talk,” noted the choreographer. The reporter replied: “You were not polite to me.”

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Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

clash Dancing with the stars between Caroline Smith and Selvagia Lucarelli. The only two women who appeared in the jury were introduced immediately after the performances of Luisella Costamagna and Pasquale La Rocca. Selvaggia explained that she was not particularly affected by her teammate because due to the injury, the woman cannot dance like other competitors. She considers the gap excessive which is why she does not think of rewarding it by putting her on the same level as the other competitors. Hence the consistently low grades he allocates to his performance, grades like Smith, the jury chairperson, did not agree.

Caroline Smith: “Let me talk, I have more experience than you”

Instead, Smith commented favorably on Costamagna’s performance, getting annoyed with Lucarelli for his interruption:You are polite and let you talk. Let me talk too“.”She hasn’t had any education towards me since I started Dancing with the Stars, so keep calm. You and education are really different worlds“. Millie Carlucci The jurors called for the two to calm down, but Smith added: “We’re talking about dancing, I have some experience. I’ve been doing palando since 2007“.

Luisella Costamagna . injury

It’s been several weeks already Luisella Costamagna injured. Journalist competitor to the current edition of Dancing with the starsHe performs with a brace, but due to an injury to his foot, he is unable to perform like his teammates. She decided to stay in the game (after trying in vain to quit) also with an explicit invitation from the audience who invited her to stay in the competition to the sound of applause, and thanks to the support of her dance teacher. Thanks to the votes I got, I was able to pass the fifth episode.

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