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Call me before the episode

Call me before the episode

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

A new clash in Dancing with the Stars. The contestant accuses the judge of being conditioned on a conflict of interest. “You called me today to tell me that everything you were going to say was wrong,” says Silvagia Lucarelli.

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Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

Dancing with the Stars continues to argue rather than dance. Surely the judge who irritates the contestants is the most important Wild LucarelliWho started the fifth part of the show by renewing his struggle with Dario CassiniWho predicted his intentions in the show with the video during his performance: “I don’t think I’m unpleasant to Silvagia Lucarelli, I think being angry with me allows her to better manage conflicts of interest.”

Immediately after the performance comes the moment of reckoning, which actually beats any comments from the other judges: “Do you really think I’m judging you so badly for hiding a conflict of interest with Lorenzo?”asked Lucarelli Cassini. “Not exactly, but I’m not very far. If my son scored in a soccer tournament, I wouldn’t be a judge”, Referring to the supposed conditioning of Selvaggia Lucarelli due to the presence of her racing partner, Lorenzo Biagarelli. We called Lorenzo, we called Silvagia.Explains Mili Carlucci.

Lucarelli: “Casini called me before the episode”

Selvaggia Lucarelli’s speech resumes: “So you think having a friend in the race conditions my judgments. I can tell you that since I started this version of Dancing With the Stars, I have never called one of my fellow jurors, asking them something. This is because I think it is their duty not to influence anyone, they are free in beating Lorenzo when they want to.” And therefore The controversy ignites the accusation of Cassini:

My phone is ringing tonight and you’re the one who said “Hey Wilde, I wanted to tell you everything I do is fake, I need it for my character, so give me night 3, because it’s really, really useful.” What’s going on here isn’t wrong, I could be a bitch, hated, but no one has called me in 7 years to tell me what to say. You even predicted the jokes you were going to make, and asked me to respond.

Cassini: “There were no retrograde ideas, if I get it wrong I’ll quit”

Cassini, at this point, felt compelled to make a few clarifications: “I think I must say one thing, Fabio and Selvagia are my historical friends, today I felt the urge to call one and the other without retroactive, and if I’m wrong, I apologize so much that if you think this thing is wrong, I’m ready to step back and go home.” Do you think there are some ideas on my part? Your opinions if you do not agree.”