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You thought they were healthy: here are 4 foods that will make you fat instead


There will be some foods that may be unhealthy for your health and diet

In order to truly eat healthy and stay fit, you need to pay close attention to the foods you put into your body. A subject that is not taken for granted, cannot be underestimated and can be a fundamental right to health.

Food enemies of health.

Sometimes there is a risk of following an incorrect diet routine which can lead to cardiovascular complications, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver and more.

A diet rich in animal fats, especially hydrogenated fats, industrial foods, fatty cheeses, soft drinks, and excess sugar.

There are, in fact, literally too many products to avoid. It’s not a matter of calories, but of the negative excess of those that aren’t even macronutrients, such as colourings, preservatives, sweeteners, etc.

Here are the foods you should give up to stay healthy

Protein products, light or zero. The products feature labels that show high protein, no fat, no sugar, or simply zero fat “a light” It may not be all that light. real problem. You should always pay attention to labels, and read calories first, then move on to fat, sugar, sodium and other elements. In particular, some lean proteins or products may contain a very high amount of sugars which interferes with what is a healthy diet.

Food enemies of health.

Vegetables “reinvented”. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be convinced of what vegetables can be reinvented. vegetable chips, etc. However, it can be stuffed with oil and even fried in it. You should always prefer to eat vegetables raw, stewed, boiled, lightly roasted, baked. But avoid any kind of frying or seasoning with sauces and other additional ingredients, the composition of which is often unknown. This happens especially when you go to restaurants, it is clear that the products offered have been processed or contain in any case reported ingredients, but the amount used per 100 grams of the product is not known, for example.

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Sauces. Don’t be fooled by the sauces on the shelves, it can actually happen that you end up with products that are high in fat and poor in macronutrients. It is better to prepare some spices at home. From mayonnaise (very greasy, but definitely healthier if made with eggs, lemon and oil, all organic) to excellent and salad seasoning. For example, a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt, a little chives, extra virgin olive oil and salt can be the right compromise for a really tasty sauce.

porridge. You should pay close attention to ready-to-use preparations for what seems to be the most popular breakfast lately. Added sugars, preservatives and much more is just around the corner. It’s best to buy oatmeal or other types of flour, read the label carefully, and make sure there are no “extra” and unhealthy additives.


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