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Patch for Creativity on Mars: Something Went Wrong

The Ingenuity mission, the space probe located on the surface of Mars, continues with the goal of collecting information and analyzing data, along with the Perseverance rover.

Ingenuity, 12/13/2021 –

Recently, as reported by, creativity has succeeded in it Completed her seventeenth voyage on Mars, causing it to turn towards the northeast and through it getting closer and closer to the site from which it began last spring, thus completing its course. But Something went wrong on the last flight, Since the radio link between the same probe and the persistence chariot is cut off during a very sensitive moment, read the one for the landing stage.

Ingenuity, 12/13/2021 -
Ingenuity, 12/13/2021 –

Something’s wrong with INGENUITY’s last trip to Mars: the details

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As mentioned earlier, the 187-meter crossing did not encounter any problems, with the mission successfully completed, but there were moments of apprehension on the part of the team in charge of the Martian helicopter, as the link was stopped, No one can say whether the landing on the land of the red planet has ended properly or less. The first telemetry data arrived 15 minutes after landing, thanks to which it was assured that the battery and electronic devices were not damaged; An update came later, dated December 9, that provided more information about the health of the Marshelicopter. It is known for certain that the creativity probe is She fell completely to her feet, And that his solar panels are working perfectly, powering the lithium battery installed in them.

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However, the connection problems block transmission of most data, Including some photos taken, so it will be necessary to wait a few more days before being able to see them, provided they can be recovered and not lost forever, which is an unlikely scenario though given that Ingenuity stores and records all the data. In any case, it is not clear what happened, but according to some hypotheses it seems likely that Perseverance interferes with the signal, Maybe because of the rise or maybe the depression. Furthermore, as Hdblog writes, it appears that “Planning for Flight 17 was contemplated in the direction of the rover other than the actual direction, and therefore this element may also have an impact on radio communication”. In any case, intelligence is trained for these kinds of problems, and in the event of failures it automatically turns off and waits for further instructions from the ground, as happened in this case.