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Personality Test: Tell me which bag attracts you the most and I’ll reveal what your ideal companion should look like


If you want to know who your ideal partner is, and what they look like, test yourself with this fun personality test.

Today’s quiz will ask you to choose between three different bags, the ones you see represented in the image below, and may really be able to reveal many of the characteristics of your ideal companion. Find out now what the right man or woman for you should be.

Look carefully at this illustration And decide if your favorite bag is first, second or third. Let yourself be guided by your pure instinct and thanks to a personality test, you can finally know what your perfect soulmate should be like.

Personality test Tell me which bag you like best and I will tell you who is half the apple

In the illustration above, there are three different bags associated with three different occasions. The first is a comfortable bag, large and roomy for everyday use To go to work, go shopping or go shopping for groceries. The second is a casual leather day bag, which recalls the classic style of messenger shoulder bags and is perfect for use on a walk, a relaxing afternoon or to complete a college or back to school inspired outfit. The third and last bag is the most interesting and elegant, it is compact in size, it is suitable for a formal dinner, an aperitif, a gallant date.

Solution bag test

Bag Test Solution –

Now to find out what ideal characteristics he should have, all you have to do is choose one of the three, until you find out who the half of the apple is. good luck!

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You are about to find out who your partner or life partner is:

  • If you choose the number one bagor a shopping bag. To be truly happy, you need a woman or a man reliable and loyal, Ready to share everything with you.
  • If you choose the second bag, the shoulder bag, Then you need to be with someone who has the same interests as you. This does not mean that your partner must necessarily be the same in all respects as you, nor must he be a person practicing the same profession as you, but a partner who has The same views, perhaps similar desires and aspirations as yours.
  • If you choose bag number three, bag Then your apple half is one A dynamic person with an adventurous spirit.


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