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Yellow zone in Sicily, the island will change color from Monday.  The green pass is valid for 12 months: green light from Cts

Yellow zone in Sicily, the island will change color from Monday. The green pass is valid for 12 months: green light from Cts

It has been clear ever since In mid-August But since yesterday it has been official: Sicily will be in the Yellow Zone from Monday to August 30. It is a very pale yellow: no curfew order, no closures but outdoor mask, tables up to a maximum of 4 restaurants and less spectators in theaters and theaters. The order was signed by Health Minister Roberto Speranza: “Ensuring that the virus is not yet defeated – the minister said – and investing in the vaccine campaign and prioritizing prudent and proper behavior.” The level crossing of Sicily gives the green light until the next day CDS is valid for 12 months. Green bass.

From the white area The Yellow Zone, Violating the roofs of hospital admissions: Sicily records, in fact, according to data from the ISS-Ministry of Health Surveillance, the employment rate for intensive care is 12.1% (“zone against the 10% limit for whites”), 19.4% (15% against the threshold) for beds in the non-critical medical area and In 7 days (August 20-26) a maximum of 200.7 cases per 100,000 population against the 50 limit.

Nationwide, “the incidence of cases is still rising, albeit slightly, reaching 77 per 100 thousand people, while Rt drops to 1.01, which is above par, and the epidemic is receding, except in some areas (Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, Tuscany and Liguria). However, occupancy in the medical area increased to 7.1 and in the intensive care unit to 5.4%, mainly due to non-vaccination.
Meanwhile, the infection curve has been stable over the past 24 hours and deaths: 7,826 Govt test positive, 7,221 the day before yesterday. There were 45 victims in one day compared to 43 in the previous day. 265,480 trials were performed between the molecule and the antigenic against 220,872. The positive rate is down 2.95% from the previous 3.27%.

The rate of spread of the delta variant is even more worrying, scientists explain. It is very aggressive and can affect many people who have been vaccinated. We must pursue greater numbers of people at home, in unvaccinated, intensive wards, and we must change entire wards again and postpone treatment for other patients who have been waiting two years, “said the microbiologist and former director of the Emma Guido Zodiac. Occupying intensive care units and 14% of medical areas, there are 148.5 cases per 100,000 population in wards in Calabria with 101.5 cases with 15.2% and 5.9% severity.

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Areas classified as moderate risk in the weekly ISS-Ministry of Health Monitoring and Autonomous Provinces include Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Liuria, Piedmont, Trento, Buglia and Valle d’Osta. The remaining 11 areas are at low risk.

Yellow zone, what changes with green pass? Here are the new rules

Yellow zone in Sicily, the island will change color from Monday

Meanwhile, the bipolar difference between the number of infections and the number of hospitals due to non-vaccination was confirmed. Like Sardinia, the new infection is declining, but hospital admissions continue to increase.

More focus onIsola, The mayor of Villasimius, even outside, and even on the beach, when he could not go the distance, imposing the mask. Finally vaccines. Increase in juniors: Group 12-15 administrations exceed 40% of vaccinated visitors, while group 16-19 exceeds 67%. This was announced by the structure of the Govt Emergency Commissioner. Increases for other age groups: 50-59 muscles are 80% based on first administration, while 60-69 age group is over 85%. Furthermore, the percentage of brackets over 70-79 and 80 is integrated, reaching 90.19 and 94.06%, respectively, again representing the first administrations.

Covit Italy, August 27, 2021 Announcement: 7,826 new cases and 45 deaths, positive rate 2.95%

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