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Francesco Jambon "WHO report? China asked to withdraw it" / "He feared problems with the United States"

Francesco Jambon “WHO report? China asked to withdraw it” / “He feared problems with the United States”

Francesco Jambon, Former researcherWorld Health Organization (WHO), “Half an hour moreHe was approached by an international NGO dealing with corruption in Roy 3. about that Transparency International. «They were shocked at how the WHO handled the whole affair with progressive cover-upsSaid Jamban. During the interview, he spoke about the withdrawn report and the epidemic plan, attacking the health minister Roberto Speranza, Who said in the Senate “All the actors in this story arbitrarily agreed to the choice to withdraw the statement. மாIt is not soThe former WHO official explained and quoted to prove it Hans Close, Director of WHO Europe. “The minister was very annoyed, but said the WHO official could not prevent a relationship based on personal authority“According to Zambon, this is it.”Sphere of conflicts of interest inside and outside the organization.

Call from Francesco Zambon and China …

Francesco Jambon, Always talking Roberto Speranza, Explained Ranieri Guerrero Had to inform the Minister of Health Report Ohms On managing govt epidemic in Italy. “Not before this report came out, I think Hope didn’t know. But then it’s hard to think of any involvement. மா அ “Half an hour more”Also spoke China, Confirms that there was intervention. “On the 14th, a phone call came in, while the report had already been distributed, from the head of the WHO office in Beijing, with a calm before the storm, telling me to “withdraw the report immediately, there are some issues that you may not know anything about.“This is the reason why he decided to withdraw the report to remove the section on the history of the epidemic.”When I tried to publish the report, I was told that the WHO European Regional Director could only order online because there were still a few things to fix. Now we know what they are“. The reference is precisely in question The infection plan has not been updated.

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