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Which coffee beans to choose? How do you choose well?

There is a lot to be said about making the right choices in buying coffee. Here I will try to list the things to look for when buying coffee beans.

Seller/roaster experience

As we saw earlier, not only roasting, but also preservation are essential elements in the final result of coffee in a cup. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the roasting and ask yourself the right questions (or ask the seller):

  • Who roasted the coffee?
  • What is his experience in the field?
  • When was the coffee roasted?

How is it stored after roasting at the seller? (Packaging, temperature, light, etc.)

Visual appearance of coffee beans

Then you can request to see the coffee if it is not already in a transparent container. In this way, you can judge the quality of the coffee from a visual point of view.

  • Is the grain color uniform?
  • Are whole grains? Are you damaged?

Your taste preferences

You have to pay attention to all of the above, but obviously the very important thing in choosing your coffee is the taste of your coffee.

Most of the time, coffee shops are described well enough to get started. You can usually tell if the coffee will satisfy you by reading the description, the label, or by listening to the seller.

Instead of fruity, strong, refreshing or bitter…? You will have to try different types of coffee and work on your taste to understand what you like and don’t like.

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Prefer fresh coffee

Unfortunately, bean superstore coffee is not ideal if you are looking for quality coffee. However, some brands offer interesting types of coffee, but the method of distribution imposes a freshness of coffee that leaves much to be desired.

In fact, we’re talking about fresh coffee when it was recently roasted. Ideally, we recommend having coffee between 10 and 30 days after roasting for best results.

However, in supermarkets, due to all the logistical organization and restrictions associated with large-scale distribution (purchasing in bulk to reduce costs), the availability of fresh coffee seems very complicated. That is why we do not advise you to buy your coffee from large retail outlets.

You will find fresh coffee online, in special stores or, of course, directly from the roaster. Usually, you know you’re buying quality coffee when the roasting date appears on the coffee package.

At Nomad Barista, we work directly with a manual roaster who indicates the roasting date on each package. Not a bad surprise!

Quality Score (special coffee)

If you don’t know what special coffee is, don’t worry, we will be releasing a dedicated article on this topic soon. In short, these are coffees that meet the various quality standards established by the Special Coffee Association (SCA) around the world.

Special coffee is the finest quality coffee and therefore meets high quality standards in terms of cultivation, processing or roasting.

This coffee is evaluated and rated by experts. The higher the grade of coffee, the better the result. A minimum score of 80+ is required to be considered a special coffee. The coffee that has a rating of 88+ is vintage coffee.

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