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Yellow Sicily, what changes (and all the rules for other areas)

Yellow Sicily, what changes (and all the rules for other areas)

The mask is mandatory even on the outside. But little capacity for outdoor performances and arenas. The latter is a particularly felt theme since the football championship was restarted last weekend. These are the news that will take place in the regions, starting from Sicily Yellow Band from August 30th – It goes from white to yellow zone. There was no curfew then. No store or business closures. No news about the trip. Government questions are expected to clarify whether the limit of 4 restaurants at the restaurant table is still in place (unless they are affiliated). Of all the limited changes, in short, it affects above all in terms of the image for the tourist season.

“The current yellow zone is more discolored yellow than the restrictions previously imposed, so passing through areas at yellow risk is” a bit of an indication, “says Fabrizio Bregliasco, a professor at Milan State University.

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The mask is mandatory even on the outside

Masks in the white area, with fresh yellow, should always be worn indoors, in yellow (excluding children under the age of six). On August 13 the Sicilian region issued a decree extending the mask’s obligation to public places of publication, but “only in the presence of multiple subjects, especially in congested areas”. With the yellow zone, the mask always clicks outside.

Limited capacity for theaters, theaters, cinemas and concerts

The same rules apply to theaters, cinemas, concerts, museums, theaters, indoor restaurants for lunch and dinner, gymnasiums, spas, amusement parks, gymnasiums and public competitions. So you always need to Green bass (It is enough to take the first medicine for 15 days). The latter, like the white zone, is mandatory from Dated the first of September Intercity and high speed trains, ships (except Messina Strait) and long distance buses and air travel National (For them Abroad The obligation was already in place, but the green pass in the maximum order is only valid if the vaccination cycle is completed within 14 days). They are Closed discs, White area (bar and restaurant services are approved, but it is not possible to dance on the dance floor)

However, one must be registered Small capacity Per Outdoor shows and sports facilities. In fact, there is no number limit for concerts, cinemas, theaters or theaters in the White Zone. It is sufficient if the capacity does not exceed a maximum of 50% of the approved exterior and 35% of the interior. In the case of events with more than 5,000 outdoor and 2,500 indoor viewers, there is no restriction. In the yellow zone, on the other hand, the allowable capacity Live shows It cannot be more than 50 per cent of the approved maximum. One per cent to be halved to 25 per cent Sports facilities. But in In both cases There is a (uniform) fixed limit. Max 2,500 visitors outside and 1,000 indoors. In the white zone of the stadium with 60 thousand people, it means that 30 thousand people can enter. Only 2,500 in the yellow zone.