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Wrong: Southern Italy’s GDP will not exceed that of France and Germany

Wrong: Southern Italy’s GDP will not exceed that of France and Germany

An implausible comparison

Far from confusing growth rate with growth, to say that southern Italy’s GDP could exceed that of France and Germany is highly implausible.

According to the latest data from the OECD, Italy’s GDP in 2022 was significantly lower than that of France and Germany, both of which take into account data Millions of dollars for every dollar that happens.

As far as the growth rate is concerned, in 2023 the European Commission forecasts They appreciate Ours has a growth rate of 1.2 percent year-on-year, greater than both of them France (+0.7 percent) of both Germany (+0.2 percent). like We checked On other occasions, the GDP growth seen in Italy did not start in 2023 with Meloni’s government, but already in 2021.

Furthermore, the note from Cgia of Mestre also presents some issues. First of all, it is not clear why the data for the South, which is a macro region, should be compared with the data for France and Germany, two countries and therefore difficult to compare. Secondly, the arithmetic mean of growth rates has no economic significance, especially when calculated for only two countries, because it does not equate to the combined growth rate of France and Germany over the year.

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