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Tax fraud in Olbia.  False bills worth more than three million euros.  Eight people reported - Olbianova

Tax fraud in Olbia. False bills worth more than three million euros. Eight people reported – Olbianova

Olympia. As part of a complex two-year economic and financial investigation, i Olympia Group financierson the state of Tempio Busania Prosecutionthey found that a A company based in the citywho works in the mediation sector at work, she was none other than The so-called empty box is used to issue “false invoices” In order to allow many companies in the Treviso region to evade direct taxes and value-added tax and avoid social security obligations. 8 people have been reportedresponsible for various causes of tax offenses, fraudulent business interference and money laundering.

It will be the domination of the whole process A 60-year-old man lives in Spilimbergo (Friuli Venezia Giulia) who works with A Sardinian reference from Calangianus With a Romanian national used as a figurehead.

By creating a sham company named “Candidate”, which formally introduced specialized personnel, Illegally and illegally transferred tax and social security obligations to an entity that would never have fulfilled these obligations.

“This is a particularly cunning and difficult exercise to reconstruct – The funders, led by Captain Carlo Lazzari, are responsible -. Suspicion arose from the first investigations given that Olbiese, registered in the name of a Romanian citizen, appears to have invoiced important transactions despite it had just been set up. In fact, in just two years, the company director filed tax returns for the millionaire turnover:

In the biennium 2017-2018, invoices were issued for Work for more than 3 million euros. A purely paper relationship, I expected that Staff were directly managed by companies in the Northeast And the mediation service only served to conceal the existence of the Olbiese community.”

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The crime described takes the form of resorting to an “appropriate” legal entity used as a mere “container” of manpower that has been effectively allocated to user companies – in evasive contexts – by concealing contracts endorsing bids for non-existent services” rather than “actual supply of labor” .

Implemented tax evasion In total it corresponds to more than 3 million euros of taxable income and more than 650 thousand euros of value-added tax; they were 8 issues referred to the judiciary. Responsible for various causes of tax offenses, money laundering and fraudulent business interference.

At the end of the investigations conducted by the Guardia di Finanza, an open question remains: why did the “creative businessman” Friuli choose to financially position the company in Olbia? The answers can arrive during the trial phase at the Tempio Busania court. The location where the operation’s dominant, the Sardinian liaison and the six other people will have to defend themselves from being accused of tax crimes.