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World Cup, background: Paltrinieri dominates the world relay in Fukuoka: gold awaited for 21 years


The outgoing bronze-blue quartet, with Pozzobon, Taddeucci, Acerenza and Greg, beat Hungary, Australia and Germany.

Grand’Italia: The cross-country relay is taking over the world. With Barbara Pozubon and Jennifer Taducci, with Domenico Assirenza and Gregorio Paltrinieri. One and a half kilometers to glory. Waiting for a miraculous performance of victory since 2002. From bronze a year ago in Budapest to gold in Fukuoka, in 1h10’31 “2: 4” 1 defeat Hungary, while Australia at the end of the picture moves away from Germany due to a wrong touch by Klemet. Germany, who wanted to save Florian Willbrook because of the pool races, and was punished. After the silver and bronze of Greg and Asserenza in the 5K, the first gold of the Blue Campaign is ripening and confirming the potential of Stefano Robaudo’s national team. It is the third gold in history after 2000 and 2022. Crazy relay.

What a race

High and turbulent waves, choppy and treacherous sea for a mixed 4×1500, men and women lined up as needed. Right off the start Pozzobon is still tied for Germany behind Brazil’s Cunha. For Barbara, the 25-kilometer runner, it’s still, on the contrary, tough. The most subtle change is overcome with Spain in front thanks to the first man’s fractional player: the pusher defends well, at 14th at 1’28” and takes over from Tadauchi, who makes Leonie Beck, a new double champion: Spain is still ahead, the USA at 7″ and France (alternating between a man and a woman) at 8″ are second with Australia at 1’12”, Italy is second with Australia at 1’12”. It’s up to you. For Acerenza to start the comeback. A third lap in which Memo quickly recovers with almost half a minute but has to catch Hungarian Rasovski, moving to pass him before the last pontoon, the buoy, which has 2km left. Australia leads the USA and Germany by 16′ and 17′, but Italy also fills the gap with ‘kangaroos’. Our bronze goal at 5km is to put Paltrinieri in a position to get a bit of a margin. After a part Generous and highly profitable from Acerenza, the changeup arrived with Greg starting 7 inches from Australia, Hungary’s Betlehem and Germany’s Klemet two seconds behind.Greg takes 10m to overtake Kyle Lee and takes the lead, highlighting the pace, attacking the water, but can’t get rid of Magyar, who is hard to break. So thinks the blue Olympian, and tries to speed up and separate the competition in order to avoid serious brawls in the final. The race is very intense, but open but with Greg driving the constructed train. Germany and Australia quit competing for the podium. Bethlehem doesn’t give up, Greg swims furiously, raises his head knowing he’s one step away from victory and upon seeing the funnel 100 meters from the end knows it’s over. Gregoro won the resistance once and for all!

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What a group

Gregorio on the sidewalk launches the joy of the eighth medal in the specialization: “The first time with the gold medal in the World Championship in the relay: How beautiful. We always try, each of us has walked well, and I am happy with how this fund project is going. ” Adds Acerenza: “We did everything we could, the women were good at defending themselves and then everything was easier for us. The union, the strength of the team, came out. In these situations there is nothing for anyone, we wanted this medal at any cost, we were missing it and enjoying it to the fullest.” Pozzobon gloats: “I am very happy, my first time in the relay and world champion.” Geneva is a telegraph: “Perfect racing, perfect gearboxes, only we can do it.”


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