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Mondiali 2022: Brasile-Argentina, l

World Cup 2022: Brazil and Argentina, the last word belongs to FIFA

Anfisa “If they had respected the regulations, all this would not have happened” SAN PAULO (Brazil) (Italy) – “The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) deeply regrets the events that led to the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina. Valid for qualification for the Qatar World Cup 2022.” So in the CBF memo about what happened last night, with the match between Alverdeiro and Albiceleste suspended just six minutes after the local health authorities entered the stadium, it decided to withdraw four players from the De Scaloni national team, accused of violating the anti-Covid protocol. “The CBF respects the implementation of the most stringent health protocols in its entirety – the note reads -. However, I was quite surprised by the action taken by the National Agency for Health Supervision, once the tender had already started, whereby Anvisa could have acted in such a way as to More appropriate in the different moments and days leading up to the match.” The situation is delicate and the response of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee will arrive within 72 hours of the match suspension: on the one hand Argentina hopes for a 3-0 draw, on the other hand Brazil wants to avoid any kind of repercussions on the team. Event. “The CBF further confirms that it has not, through the interim president, Edinaldo Rodriguez, or his directors, ever intervened in connection with the health protocol established by the Brazilian authorities for the entry of people into the country. The role of the CBF has always been trying to promote understanding between The entities involved so that health protocols can be satisfactorily respected and the match can be played. The Brazilian Football Confederation reiterates its disappointment with the events and awaits the decision of CONMEBOL and FIFA on this matter. The element.” Explaining what happened seems rather complicated. Currently, the disputed case relates to four players who – according to Anvisa – should have been quarantined. Specifically, as reported by Health Supervisory Authority director Antonio Barra Torres to ESPN, they will be Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Giovanni Lo Celso and Emiliano Buendia, all of whom are Premier League players. Torres explained that the four Argentines “at the time of the health announcement had not said they had been in the UK in the past 14 days.” “They should tell the truth. Our approach was for them to remain isolated, without participating in the match, which they did not do. If they had respected the regulations, all this would not have happened.” Then the Anvisa director confirmed that it is “a national law and all those who violate it are subject to penalties.” (ITALPRESS). mra / mc / red 06 Sep 21 13:15

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