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SOTTOBOSCO  - Gioventù e conti in ordine, è partito il nuovo progetto Juve. La missione di Allegri. Le manovre nei Palazzi di Fifa e Uefa (il giocatolo rischia di rompersi)

Youth and accounts in order, the new Juventus project began. Allegri’s mission. Maneuvers in FIFA and UEFA palaces (the game is in danger of collapse)

Alexis de Tocqueville, the champion of liberal thought in Democracy in America, wrote: “There is nothing so irresistible as a tyrannical force that rules in the name of the people.”

FIFA Infantino wants the World Cup every two years. Consortium partner Ceferin raised his eyebrows. Ready for labeling along if ‘toncio’ is to be relevant. Money: which is known to be used to transmit votes. The FIFA Palace is the Sanhedrin yes man. Dedicated to the deity of white and green. FIFA wants the World Cup every two years. After all, with the fig leaf of the phrase “League Conference” what would UEFA do if not this? Strong national associations will be needed. But national associations where presidents are elected with a Bulgarian majority are short-confidence pastries. They have their own foldable seat in the tyrants’ bed and that’s enough for them. Now everyone is discovering the day “football changed”. The day the sale of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain spoiled the ball’s calculus. The Pharisees. There was a time when we were “princes”. The accounts were running (even then) in red, but at least there was no hypocrisy about “financial fair play”. Football today is “material for the rich”: much more than it was in the past. An overdose of calcium and significant increased costs may be game-breaking. We still have our hearts full of pride for the Mancini European Championship. But the ministerial decree allows (tax exemption) Carneday’s arrival in Italy.

While young Italians are forced to play for a place in Serie B or Liga Pro to be able to see the pitch.

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The next Juventus will be smaller and smaller. Juventus stands on the ground after dreams of greatness. Arrivabene will cover their expenses. It will (as it has already set) a limit on expenditures. Allegri will work with what he has. With the need to do a good job. Maybe not to win (his name is Max, not Jesus) but to strengthen the crew. I advise fans not to panic. And to trust Allegri. In addition to the club, despite some unsuccessful passes, he won 9 league titles in a row in 10 years. Now we need realism. and patience. Clubs Haaland and Mbappe are not friendly to Juventus. Juventus will have to deal with Kane, Kolosevki, Chiesa and Locatelli. He has Dybala.

Dybala called (after Ronaldo escaped) to carry the team on his shoulders: with honor and burdens. The rest is in the hands of Sanhedrin. With whom, Madame will inevitably have to associate. This is no time for concessions: “Lords” I am an octopus swallowing everything. If not stopped, the clubs will be converted into a “royal” simulation: more than they already are. With “confiscated” players.

Am I exaggerating? I am willing to do anything to change the environment being dug. So exaggerate.