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Women’s Cycling Tournament, 2023 World Time Trial LIVE: The World Championship Experience Begins!

Women’s Cycling Tournament, 2023 World Time Trial LIVE: The World Championship Experience Begins!

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Live broadcast of the Junior Ladies tournament trial around the clock starting at 12.24

15.02 The first noteworthy name to appear at the starting gate is Denmark’s Cecilie Ludwig at 15.13, and also watch out for Chloe Degert (USA), who leaves five minutes later.

15.00 Lotta Hintala (Finlandia), Sky Davidson (Zimbabwe) and Tetyana Yashchenko (Ukraine) are already in the running.

14.58 Nigerian Grace Ayuba and Macedonian Dunga Ivanova leave.

14.56 86 girls will take part in the world time trial.

14.55 The race begins!

14.53 The first athlete to start is Afghan Arifa Amini.

14.50 Two blue ladies who will compete today, Vittoria Guazzini and Alicia Vigilia: The 22-year-old Tuscan, U-23 world champion, has all the makings to compete in a premium time trial on a track that suits her characteristics. Even South Tyrol could do well today: Vigilia has preceded Guazzini in the time slot valid for the Italian Championship this year and is a specialist for this race.

14.45 36.2 kilometers that the athletes will have to cover in the shortest possible time: the route presents no noteworthy difficulties, except for the final stretch, at Pavey, which leads to Stirling Castle, a monument near which the finish line is located.

14.40 Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live stream of the women’s time trial for the 2023 Road Cycling World Championships underway in Glasgow (UK).

Good morning, sports friends, and welcome live feed from Women’s time trial affiliate World Cup 2023 to Cycling underway in Glasgow (United kingdom).

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The time trial will take place today near the city sterlinglocated about 50 km northwest of Edinburgh: trackgiven the perfectly flat area where the race will take place, It does not represent any kind of deadlockif not to final tear (800 meters, or 5.4%), which will lead to Stirling Castleone of the most visited monuments in the whole of Scotland, is where the finish line will be located.

The esteemed starting field that will be offered at the start tomorrow: despite the absence from Three times world champion in 2013, 2021 and 2022, Ellen Van Dyckthe address can remain in the Netherlands due to participation Demi Fullering, who will want to prepare for Sunday’s road race in the best way possible. Other interesting names that will be in the race are Grace Brown (Australia) , Marilyn Rosser (Swiss), Cecilia Utrop Ludwig (Denmark) e Juliet Labos (France). Italy focus on Vittoria Guazzini and Alicia Vigilia: The U-23 world champions will try to play their cards to find the coup, as well as third seed South Tyrol in Italy’s latest tournament.

The race, which is scheduled to start at 3:00pm, will be visible on Rai 2, Eurosport 1, Rai Play and Discovery+, while OA Sport will provide the live transcript of the event: Don’t miss even a minute of testing with our live broadcastwe are waiting for you!