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Coppa Italia, figuraccia Sassuolo! Eliminato dal Modena e Raspadori mai in partita

Coppa Italia, you idiot Sassuolo! Knocked out by Modena and Raspadori never in the game

Modena is the one who plays the Italian Cup derby against the most popular Sassuolo and enters the next round where he will meet winner Cremonese-Ternana.

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It’s Modena To own the Italian Cup derby against the most popular Sassuolo And enter the next round where you will meet the winner of Cremonese-Ternana. Taysir’s team advanced with two goals in the first half an hour with new signing Falcinelli, who at the age of 10 took advantage of Raspadori’s mistake to fly towards goal, and Musti was good at reaching the initially rejected post. A shot of Azzi. Nirverde reopened the match in the first-half final, with Berardi winning and converting a penalty. In the second half, Sassuolo still defensive foul to push the way to the yellow blues: Ayhan opens horizontally for Rogerio, but Gargello is the fastest on the ball, wins it and the boards are obligated to respond. Musti first gets to the ball and signs the score 3-1. In the final, the Dionysi team reopened everything with a header from Ayhan, but the last siege of Nerverde did not bring the desired results with the celebration of Modena.

Modena 3-2 Sassuolo
11′ Falcinelli (M), 30′, 51′ Mosti (M), 45′ + 2′ platform. Berardi, 88′ Ayhan (small)

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