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School strike on May 30, 2022, possible closures and incompetence: reasons

School strike on May 30, 2022, possible closures and incompetence: reasons

Bologna, 29 May 2022 – May 30: School general strike Announced by Flc Cgil; Cisl School; Will school; Snolls and Kilda throughout the day. Full A few days before the last hour That sounds like it Saturday, June 4th Friday, June 3 in some cases and in others. Considering the union audience, some schools will remain the same Closed Or at least deferred entrances, early departures or inefficiencies in slot times for middle and high schools.

There are many reasons for this strike However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government Legal order n. 36 on 30 April 2022 On the exclusive salary and professional matters of the negotiating parties.

Reasons for strike

School associations for this They ask, Among other things, removal from the order of all matters of a contractual nature; Immediate start Negotiation to renew the contract, Expired for three years; Implementing resources for reviewing and adapting Atta profiles (technical management staff, Ed) And equalization and equalization of the salaries of school staff to other state employees with a gradual approach to the salaries of European colleagues.

Again, Excessive dismissal of bureaucracy In the work of teachers; Training of all school staff Returning to the sphere of competence of school autonomy and teaching staff; Revision of current parameters for teaching, education and staffing of schools for Atta staff; There Decrease in the number of students per class; Specific recruitment and stabilization methods in historically integrated positions in practical staff that go beyond existing hazardous work; Simple procedures, access to role and qualification paths for those with substantial work experience.

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Then, again, an increase of the staff of the school co-workers of 2,288 units, as confirmed by the Minister; Notice of allotted competition For Administrative Assistants (Director of Public Services) acting as DSGA; Ed) With three years of service even if not eligible; Facilitate administrative procedures, release secretariats from irregular tasks (pensions, career restructuring, school rankings) and re-involvement in school administration and amend regulation on Atta alternatives.