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The trick to never throwing a salad again?  It's a quick, no-cost, organic solution that saves waste

The trick to never throwing a salad again? It's a quick, no-cost, organic solution that saves waste

Salad is one of the foods that tends to spoil very easily. Here's the quick and no-cost solution to avoid any waste.

Salad is a highly consumed food due to its properties and benefits to the body. Undoubtedly, it is a type of food that should not be missing from the diet of every one of us, however, It tends to deteriorate very easily That's why it's important to know how to store them to avoid waste.

Salad must be stored properly –

In this article, We will reveal all the details regarding what will be the most effective solution to say goodbye to waste in the kitchenThat authority is always available. This is very useful and valuable advice that should be taken into consideration. Below we provide you with complete information about the foods that we should all include in our diet.

Power and how to preserve it and avoid wasting it

As mentioned earlier, salad is a very healthy type of food, and it is no surprise that you take pride in its presence Countless nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fibre. These are elements that help keep the body healthy and functioning well.

Salad is a food that is very beneficial for health –

In particular, we must mention The presence of vitamin A, C, and group K Essential for bones in particular. The fiber content also makes the salad particularly suitable for combating water retention and constipation. It's no coincidence that fiber helps Regulating the intestines and increasing the number of times you go to the bathroom.

However, salad tends to deteriorate very easily, which is why there is often wastage due to its nature Storing food incorrectly. In this regard, it must be said that there is a method in particular that allows you to always get it fresh and keep its properties unchanged.

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It consists of Cut the tail off slightly to refresh the vegetables. Once done, take a cup of water and Leave the head of lettuce inside For about thirty or forty minutes. After the specified time, the lettuce will look as if it was just purchased, thus fresh and crunchy.

Thanks to these simple stepsIt will be possible to solve the problem of food waste once and for all Which at present represents a rather serious problem. In addition to thisIt will be possible to benefit from all the properties of food without witnessing its deterioration.