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USA fines Fortnite's developer half a billion dollars for: "violating children's privacy"

USA fines Fortnite’s developer half a billion dollars for: “violating children’s privacy”

milan – there Federal Trade Commission announced a $520 million deal to be paid by Epic gamesCreator of popular games like Fortnite And Rocket League, accused of violating children’s privacy and defrauding millions of users with unwanted purchases. The agreement provides for registration bans in two separate cases. Bringing it back The New York Times.

Epic Games has agreed to pay $275 million over allegations it violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, a federal law that accused the company of making it more difficult for parents to delete data and sometimes not honoring their requests to delete it.

No. reduces the former 5.7 million was fined — for violating the privacy of minors — was settled in 2019 by Musically, a video-sharing platform later merged with TikTok. As part of the settlement, the Federal Trade Commission required Epic to adopt an automated high-privacy system for children and teens, which would force the company to remove “direct text” and “voice chat” for younger users. Epic has agreed to pay $245 million to compensate consumers affected by its manipulative practices that trick people of all ages into making unwanted purchases.

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