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While traveling into space, enemies can attack you at any moment with leaps between space!

In space, no one can hear you screamRead the sci-fi movie tagline. Seemingly , in space starfield This is not true, and enemies will be able to track you down at any moment and reach you with spatial jumps. There is actually no confirmation, but the user assumes this by the details observed during the gameplay reveal.

In the video Appears on Xbox and Bethesda Game Show 2022, in fact, There is a space travel sequence. The sequence lasts a few seconds but allows us to Watch a small fleet of hostile spaceships appear out of nowhere in front of players. The enemies have actually reached the protagonist with Traveling between space at the speed of light.

The appearance of ships is accompanied by a flash of light, then the enemies move on the spot to try to board the player’s ship. In short, we should always be on the alert during space travel. Space pirates can attack us at any time and being prepared and prepared with a well-equipped ship will be vital.


Anyway, we can always turn the tables and take on the role of the villain. after every thing, starfield It allows the player a lot of freedom to get close, and we can choose to be lambs or be wolves. It would actually be possible to be a real pirate in space!

Starfield will be released exclusively on PC, Xbox Series X and Series S in 2023. The game promises to be huge and it will demand it 40 full hours to complete the main story alone. There is, too a map The game will be huge, With around 1000 planets to explore And the 4 major cities, each larger than the entire Skyrim map. Unfortunately, Bethesda confirmed that there will be no continuation of the journey between space and planet.

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Size is not limited to only a map Or hours of playing. In fact, Bethesda has written over 200,000 lines of dialogueThis may be harmful Possible dubbing in Italian. Furthermore, the space title represents a true return to Bethesda’s origins, Returning to the first person view in dialogues and removing the hero’s voice.

source: reddit