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Exciting Maps: Full desert temperatures shown in different regions

Exciting Maps: Full desert temperatures shown in different regions

Evening updates are not at all moderate about the intensity of heat expected over the next seven days. Italy will be the prey of the African anticyclone, seriously intending to settle in the Mediterranean with its disarming ease.

The core of the anticyclone will move from the Sahara Desert to southern Italy, bringing with it extremely hot air masses, in a manner typical of the Sahara. The heat will increase steadily day by day, becoming especially severe and unbearable starting on Wednesday the 12th.

From the middle of the week, temperatures will easily reach 38-39 ° C in the central and southern interior sectors, while in some locations we will also be able to detect values ​​close to 41-42 ° C. We will also have a constant increase in humidity, which will make the heat very harsh and unbearable on the coasts and plains, both during the day and in the evening.

But the heat may reach its peak within 7 days, between July 17th and 18th. Data centers are increasingly aligned with the arrival of the Saharan isotherms in southern Italy and the main islands. Here it is, in the map below, the sensational temperature +28 at 850 hPa (about 1,500 metres), usually only present in historical heat waves.

Very high isotherms at altitude, in the free atmosphere, correspond to extreme isotherms on Earth. And in fact, the maximum extreme temperatures for Monday 17 July are supposed to be in Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia and Basilicata. In the region of Foggia stand out points 45 degrees Celsius!

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The temperature anomaly map shows us the extent of this heat wave. Between July 17th and 18th, even temperatures can be expected 14°C above average for the period On the south central side of the Adriatic Sea.