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In arrivo sabbia dal deserto del Sahara

Sand from the desert hanging over Italy’s skies, the regions most involved »

Weather: Sand from the desert hangs over the skies of Italy, the most involved areas

Coming from the sand from the Sahara desertThe special synoptic conditions expected in the next few days will be the basis, in addition to the intense heat, too The continuous flow of sand from the desert that will remain suspended above the skies of Italy.

If you are planning to wash the car it is better to postpone it, especially when rain is expected!

Composition of the expected weather in the next few days, i.e. opposition to the cyclone (low pressure area) Active between the British Isles and the Iberian Peninsula To the Anti-African Promontorywill be the basis of the continuous summoning of hot currents directly from the Sahara desert.
This massive equipment in the atmosphere will favor the arrival of large amounts of desert dust which will focus in the comment At the highest altitudes of the atmosphere, ready to arrive, after a long flight, to Central and Southern Europe, and thus our country as well.

But what will it be Areas most at risk? In fact, almost all of them are. However, to make the lion’s share, as evidenced by the map SKIRON (University of Athens) will be Tyrrhenian sectors and part of the north. Especially in the latter, due to the expected rain between Friday 24 and Saturday 25, sand tends to fall to the ground and “dirt” all surfaces, including cars, in red! at least until Thursday 30 June So let’s wait loaded sky From Desert sandsAnd the hazyAnd the milky or yellowish (But in some cases they can attend as well reddishEspecially near sunrise and sunset.

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A load of sand coming from the Sahara desertA load of sand coming from the Sahara desert