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When you're shopping, some options can trigger the controls

When you’re shopping, some options can trigger the controls

The government’s fight against tax evasion is intensifying.

Thereforerevenue agency It offers increasingly advanced solutions to be able to detect any form of evasion or money laundering. Now, then, it is active Super record of current accounts.

Thanks to the so-called super registry, the revenue agency can make a very precise control of what the savers options are Both with regard to checking accounts and credit cards.

Very strict control

Basically, the revenue agency can know all the movements of the taxpayer in relation to the movement of the taxpayer Bank account Both relate to purchases made with his credit card. In short, Italian taxpayers are carefully monitored.

But what options should be avoided to prevent the start of scans? In fact, these tools were created to track down tax evaders. In fact, by observing a person’s spending habits very carefully, it is easy to tell if there is a strong discrepancy between what he declares to the tax officer and what he actually receives.

Who risks checks and fines?

However, the problem is that there are such precise controls Even ordinary citizens who do nothing wrong They can inadvertently trigger completely useless controls. Let’s take the case of the one who has it A hobby or passion that might be devoted to a lot of money, and perhaps too much, but save on other expenses of daily living. In these cases, excessive spending on one front It can be considered as an index Evasion and then it will be up to the subject to explain why this is not the case. Among other things, we must also bear in mind the current restrictions on the use of cash. In fact, you risk paying a fine Up to 50,000 euros if you pay a cash amount of more than 2,000 euros.

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Payment limits and points of sale

But be careful because from next year this threshold drops to €1000 Thus it will be enough to pay an amount of, say, 1100 euros to be subject to a heavy fine. Basically, with very careful observation of the life of the taxpayer, one must be more careful and orderly in his life from an economic point of view. But the government also aims to stimulate payments with ‘Traceable money’ thus with POS Starting in June, the merchant who rejects them will be fined.