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In 2021, 19,500 working checks were paid to Veneto unemployed people over the age of 30

In 2021, 19,500 working checks were paid to Veneto unemployed people over the age of 30

During 2021, according to data on the quarterly monitoring report of the initiative of the Veneto and Veneto Lavoro region, 19,500 work checks were paid by the Veneto Employment Centers to unemployed people over 30 years old who are looking for a new job.

work allowance

Elena Donazan, a member of the Regional Labor Council, said: “The work allowance is one of the active employment policies that demonstrate the ability to respond to emerging needs in the Veneto region – we are investing in active policies and training aimed at workers. The work allowance is good practice because it is not a subsidy, but a conditional contribution to training activities that involve an obligation on the part of the ambitious worker. This is precisely the factor that determines the success of the scale, which contributes significantly to integrating even the most vulnerable groups in the work. Residents of Veneto, unemployed for more than 4 months and less than 2 years, over 30 years of age on December 31, 2021 74,250, about 30% of whom have the specified characteristics to be eligible for work allowance. The work allowance is an expense title with a maximum value of 5,796 euros that unemployed persons over 30 years of age can request from the Employment Center and use in one of more than 100 accredited private bodies across the region in exchange for free guidance and advice, support services Training and employment. In just over four years, a total of 72,000 checks were issued, of which 57,400 were completed in the meantime. In these years, the beneficiaries signed a total of about 50,000 employment contracts, which corresponds to 80% of the grants already used. After the decrease recorded in 2020, mainly due to the effects of the epidemic, in 2021 there were an average of about 1,600 monthly checks, with a slight decrease in conjunction with the summer months and above all, at the end of the year, with the entry into force of the new rules to access the measure . In light of data on its use and recent employment trends, in fact, last year the Veneto region reshaped access to the tool, first by introducing an unemployment seniority requirement of at least 120 days and then only withholding it for at least 120 days. The unemployed who, after the profiling activity carried out by the employment centers during the release phase, need a high intensity of resettlement assistance. Employment verification can be requested at the employment center in your area or online on the ClicLavoro Veneto portal. You must be a resident or resident of Veneto. The tool is compatible with Naspi and other income support tools, but those who already participate in active policy courses or courses funded by the Veneto region or another public entity do not have access to it.

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