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When you have guests over, you no longer have to go back and forth to the kitchen: the elegant and smart solution for lunch or dinner

When you have guests over, you no longer have to go back and forth to the kitchen: the elegant and smart solution for lunch or dinner

Do you always have to get up from the table to get the dishes you are going to serve to your guests? Here’s what you need.

You have guests over for dinner and you’ve prepared a series of delicious dishes for them to try, but at the height of the conversation, you have to get up and get the next course from the kitchen. If you find yourself in this sometimes annoying situation more than once, you probably need something that will make managing dinner at home easier. Obviously, those who have a dining room separated from the kitchen will find it more difficult to serve their guests Without having to always be absent to collect the prepared dishes.

There can be many solutions to this uncomfortable situation, but not all of them are effective. Bring all the dishes to the table and leave them there while you eat, so that everyone serves themselves individually, can not only take up all the available space, but can be uncomfortable for you and your guests. It may be helpful to be surrounded by trays and plates to avoid getting up frequently, but it will leave little room for your guests’ movements and plates on their own.

Having lunch or dinner with your guests should be a relaxing moment For you and your guests, where the main interest is enjoying the food and having a peaceful conversation. Having to leave several times for dishes, as well as being inconvenient, can embarrass your guests and interrupt a moment of intimacy. Here you should think of a final and comfortable solution for you.

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The comfortable cart is perfect for your dinner with friends

One of the best solutions to overcome the inconvenience of constantly getting up from the table is undoubtedly to buy a large trolley. The cart allows you to arrange within the different courses that you will be served during the meal By placing it on either side of the table, you’ll always have dishes to serve on hand. Now you no longer have to get up from the table, and even for dirty dishes, you can temporarily put them inside the trolley.

Dinner guests?  Choose this solution

If you have to bring a lot of dishes to the table, you can consider this dish (LeroyMerlin –

The ideal vehicle for these situations is undoubtedly the one proposed by Leroy Merlin Consists of three shelves. The Leroy Merlin features four wheels with two brakes. The material it is made of is 430 stainless steel, making it ideal for resisting the high temperatures of particularly hot pans or dishes. The stroller also resists shocks and the wheels can be easily locked to prevent it from moving during consumption.