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AltStore PAL, the first third-party app store available on iPhone

AltStore PAL, the first third-party app store available on iPhone

Altstore pal And now Available on iPhone: It comes down to it Third-party Primo app store For iOS devices and already includes two free apps: the Delta emulator and Clip, a clipboard manager previously banned by Apple.

A while ago we talked about Delta, an emulator for the Nintendo console NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DSwhich can be downloaded directly from the App Store outside Europe.

In Europe, in fact, it is possible to obtain Delta and Clip only through AltStore PAL, and to install the respective store you must Visit the official website And subscribe Subscription starting from just €1.83 per year.

However, it is also possible to choose A Free methodwhich in this case involves using a Mac or PC to install the relevant version of AltStore.

new era?

Alternative store

“AltStore is an app store designed for sideloading,” we read on the official website. “Every app on AltStore receives a beautifully created page, with detailed information to make sideloading fun and easy. You can browse apps from trusted developers or add more 'sources' to increase your options.”

“Plus, AltStore was built with security in mind. You can view a full list of app permissions from its Store page, and AltStore will automatically alert you if there are any changes, so you can sideload with peace of mind.”

The idea and project are not entirely new, since in the “alternative” version (see free method) AltStore has been available since 2019, but there is great curiosity about what seems to be a new era for the Apple ecosystem. The only question remains whether the Cupertino company will accept these innovations willingly or will try to do something to counter them.

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